This whole thing started when Gavin decided that it would be a great idea to throw a big costume party in celebration of Halloween, and for the most part he was right. The idea was well received sejak the student body and it barely took any work to transform the cafeteria into a party hub. The place looked fantastic with every dinding lined with the long rectangular cafeteria tables that were covered sejak bright orange and black tablecloths. On bahagian, atas of them were foods ranging from candied Buah and pie to deviled ham and lasagna. There was punch and soda and coffee and games. There was a angkasa for dancing and a stage set up for music, singing, and karaoke. Halloween decorations hung from the ceiling and were stuck onto the walls. Even the teachers seemed to be getting into the spirit as they helped set up the decorations and chauffeured the students back and forth from the academy to the town and back. The party was most certainly shaping up to be an unforgettable experience. The only problem was that it provided the perfect opportunity to commit a crime and get away with it.


---------------------------------------------------Chapter One--------------------------------------------------

    “There anda are, Arya! We’ve been waiting for over an hour! Hurry up and get over here.” Taku called out as he waved at Arya from across the room. Arya looked in their direction and visibly winced before slowly working her way towards them. The reason for that was pretty clear to everyone around. Taku’s costume of choice happened to be a clown and unlike the majority of the other students who only wore masks, Taku was completely dressed up in bright red, yellow, and white makeup, size 20 shoes, a big blue wig, and of course, the colorful suit. It wasn’t a shock that everyone was trying their best to avoid being too close to him, and when Arya finally reached them, she was quick to point it out.

“Taku…did anda have to go all out like that? It’s embarrassing,” she berkata with a sigh.
“Oh nonsense, Arya. What’s the point of getting dressed up if you’re not willing to go all the way?” Responded Taku gleefully.
“Whatever,” Arya berkata before turning to the young girl beside Taku. “How anda doing there, Amelia?”
That was Amelia Terrowyn, a bright young girl who was just a tad unsure of herself. Arya had taken it upon herself to become something of a mentor to Amelia and they soon became best friends. Amelia was dressed as a pilot, and didn’t have a mask on either.
“Oh I’m fine, Arya…just a little loud in here,” berkata Amelia with a sheepish smile.
“That’s alright,” Arya said. “We’ll stay at the party for an jam then we’ll go hangout in my room.”
“Thanks, Arya.”
“Don’t mention it. Anyway, has anyone seen Ariana? I thought Gavin had convinced her to come.” Arya looked around curiously, but with most of the students wearing masks, it was hard to determine who anyone was, let alone the silent form of Ariana.
Taku pointed towards the podium. “Why don’t we just ask Gavin?” He said.
Sure enough, Gavin was up on the podium, having a discussion with a student wearing what looked to be a Hyena mask. Arya and the others made their way over to the podium.

“Now look, Peter. The students have been extremely stressed lately with all the work the teachers have been assigning, and this party needs to go smoothly atau grades and morale will just get lower and lower. Do anda understand what I am telling you?” Gavin berkata with his hand resting on the hyena’s shoulder.
“Ya, Gavin. I get it,” the hyena called Peter responded.
“Good. So I want anda to go return Jessica’s panties and take down that poster.”
“Fine fine. anda know I have my own ways of relieving stress.”
“Just go.”
Peter turned to walk off and locked eyes with Arya who sighed and rubbed her temples with her hand. “You just can’t behave for two minutes, can you?” She berkata exasperatedly. To which, Peter only shrugged.
Gavin chuckled as Peter rejoined the party. “He never changes, does he?” He berkata before turning his attention Arya and Co. “Arya. Why are anda not wearing a costume?”
Arya scowled. “You know me, Gavin. I’m not into these kinds of things. I don’t like it when people hide their identities. Makes it easier to cause trouble.”
“That may be true, Arya, but this is a costume party. Everyone else is wearing costumes. anda need to as well.”
“Well I already left my costume in my room and it would take way too long to walk all the way back just to get my mask and walk all the way back here.”
Taku’s hand shot up. “Ooh! Ooh! I’ll go get it! I volunteer!” He berkata with a little too much enthusiasm.
“Taku, anda don’t need to-,” Arya began.
“I think that would be a great idea, Taku. In the meantime, Arya can wear one of these spare masks,” Gavin berkata while indicating a small meja, jadual of twenty atau so plain white masks. Arya was clearly not very pleased, whereas Taku seemed a little too exuberant as he quickly saluted and rushed off.
Gavin chuckled as he watched Taku go. “Now then, what did anda guys wanna talk to me about?” He asked.
“Have anda seen Ariana?” Arya asked in return as she begrudgingly donned one of the white masks.
“You berkata that anda had convinced her to come to the party instead of read,” Amelia added.
“Well I don’t know about that last bit, but I did manage to get her to come to the party. She’s over there,” Gavin said, pointing. It was hard to see through all the other students, but there, across the room, was the small frame of someone sitting in a chair beside a pair of double doors with a book in front of their face. “You can’t see it from here, but she’s decided to go as a swan.”
“I must have walked right sejak her,” Arya said.
“She’s hard to notice if you’re not looking for her,” replied Gavin.
“I wish she would put down the buku for a moment and just enjoy herself…” Arya sighed.
“Should we go over there?” Amelia asked.
“I already tried,” Gavin responded without looking at Amelia. “I asked if she wanted to play some darts and she just threw it from where she was without looking up from her book.”
“That’s dangerous!” exclaimed Amelia.
Gavin nodded. “That’s what I said, but she hit the bulls-eye.”
“Where’s the dartboard?” Arya asked.
Gavin pointed behind them where a regular-sized dartboard was hung up on the wall.
“Impressive,” berkata both Arya and Amelia.

The conversation would have continued like that, but it was at that moment that the lights in the cafeteria went out, making everything pitch black. The sudden power outage caused a great amount of confusion in which countless pairs of students bumped into each other, causing screams, shouts, and yelps of pain to cut through the initial shocked silence. After that, the students started to panic. Some even burst out into tears. Amelia quickly latched onto Arya and hung on tight.
“What’s going on!?” she asked in a clearly freaked out tone of voice.
“I don’t know,” was all that Arya could say.
Luckily, Gavin was the type to quickly spring into action. He quickly clapped his hands around his mouth, took a deep breath, and yelled.
The students all quieted down in the hopes that Gavin knew what was going on.
“It’s just an electrical surge, people. I’m sure that the power will be back on any minit now,” Gavin explained. “Everyone just stay where anda are and everything will be fixed soon!”

Unfortunately, as soon as he berkata that, there was a shout from the outside hallway followed sejak the sound of smashing glass. Everyone gasped as they started to get anxious again about what was going on, and then with a small pop, the lights went back on. Almost at once, everyone forgot that they were afraid and they rushed out the door to investigate what had made the smashing sound.

sejak the time Gavin and the others had made their way across the room and out into the hall, the majority of the student body had crowded their way into the cramped hallway. Gavin quickly pushed his way to the front of the crowd, with Arya and Amelia following close behind and they immediately saw what had happened.

Taku was groaning as he was helped into a sitting position sejak one of the students. He had a nasty looking cut on his forehead and his eyes were kinda droopy. Arya and Amelia quickly rushed over to him.
“Taku! What happened?! Are anda okay?!” Arya asked, quickly reaching over to take over the job of the student that was helping him sit up.
Taku groaned. “Oh…hey there, Arya. Found your mask,” he berkata while pointing towards a penguin mask that was a couple feet away.
“I don’t care about that right now,” Arya berkata loudly. “What happened?! Who did this to you?”
“I was coming back from getting your mask when the lights went out,” Taku said. “I didn’t know what was going on so I tried to make my way back to the cafeteria. I saw a shadow over here sejak the trophy case and I was gonna ask him for help when I saw him trying to break into it. I think he was trying to steal something. I yelled for him to stop and he tried to run. We got into a fight and I think my head got smashed into the glass…the lights went back on and he grabbed something and ran.”

Amelia stood up and looked at the trophy case, the glass window had indeed been smashed. Amelia quickly called up a mental memory of what was usually in the case to determine what the thief had taken. It turned out to be a prized baseball that the Academy had won the tahun before in a tournament. The Academy had made it all the way to the finals and was pretty far behind when they turned things around for a from behind victory. Apparently it had set some sort of record. It probably had the most sentimental value of anything else in the school. Whoever took it probably knew what they wanted.

Arya gently felt the wound on Taku’s head, causing the injured man to yelp. “Easy there Arya! That hurts!”
“What’s all the commotion?!”
The students all turned in unison at the gruff sound of Professor Tybalt, the PE teacher. Of all the teachers to tunjuk up, he was easily the worst of them. Everyone feared Professor Tybalt because if anda did even the slightest thing wrong, anda were in trouble and if anda did something right…you were in slightly less trouble.

Professor Tybalt made his way to the front of the group and quickly assessed the situation, starting with Taku’s injury and ending with the theft of the baseball.
“Who did this?” he barked.
“We don’t know, sir,” Arya responded.
“Well whoever did it had better come ke hadapan atau there will be consequences.”
Amelia gulped. This was turning out to be as bad as she anticipated.
“If nobody takes responsibility, I’ll simply have to punish everyone.”
Nope…it was worse than she anticipated.

To Be Continued in Chapter Two