Ah…. Not that most of anda will care, but tonight Wanta and I have decided to do something big and say good bye to the oldest friend that has been with us since me and him had first actually talked on good standings. My old friend Pokemon Trainer Academy, otherwise known as PTA, anda will always be remembered.

So my dear PTA, I would like to thank anda and say I have enjoyed the three years that we have had together. Starting from actually bringing me and Wanta together and letting us meet Friends that made the following years plenty of fun to creating one of my Legendary RP characters to the endless amount of time we have all spent planning out three generations and over 12,000 forum posts (and that is lowering it sejak a lot) to the very last moments of your existence. There has been so much that your presence has telah diberi me and Wanta, heck Im sure even Cyrus would say the same.

It is thanks to anda that I settled in Fanpop this long. It is thanks to anda I became Friends with Cyrus and Wanta rather than Penulisan them off as people to avoid. It is thanks to anda that Banished was made, for if I hadn’t befriended Wanta it probably would not have existed, and if it did, I would not be part of it. There is an endless quanitity of things I could go on about to tunjuk how much I loved, enjoyed, and cherished the time I spent with anda PTA, but I think we all know it.

So I will finish up and say, thank anda PTA, anda will be missed.