“So anda are telling me we have to explain on this further?”

“Oh come on. It wont be bad. It was fun back then.”

“I still don’t get why we have to do this though.”

“Well its probably because Riku wanted us to but apparently a peminat asked for it. anda know perfectly well I can’t deny a request.”

“I know that all too well….”

“Well anyways….. We are holding up the article. So should I intro it atau should you?”

“Eh….. anda are probably better at it then me.”

“Alright! Hello everyone out there Im- Wait what? The names aren’t being written? But why? ….. Alright. That’s fine. Sorry everyone. It seems we are specifically meant to keep this an audio only thing and Riku says we aren’t allowed to state our names. Anyways…” *sounds of cards flipping* “So Not-Riku-114 seems to have asked us to tell a bit of our story a bit less summarized, so I hope anda enjoy our little story.”

“Yeah.” *sigh* “Hey so now that we are off recording does Simon have any wa-“

“We are still recording.”

“Why are we still recording?!”

“Well we didn’t exactly tell them to stop….”

*sigh* “Anyways, time for the story.”


Off in a small, remote, and run down village, a small, barely teenaged, demon walked into one of the bars inside the village. The young demon had short white hair and heterochromatic yellow and blue eyes. It wasn’t hard to tell he came from a rather fancy family, particularly with the clean white yukata he was wearing, though the wonder was why he was all the way out here, and even more, why was he alone? Regardless of the scenario, this young demon was none other than Shirosune Kyotsuki, an ex-member of the prominent clan located in Nerin’s sector, the Tsuki clan.

Shiro looked around after entering the bar. The walls had some damage that was clearly at the fault of some fights that may have broken out and there were small groups and gangs crowding their own corners paying attention to the other people in their corners. Occasionally anda would see one glare over to another group for a bit before whispering something to their buddies. There was a worn down sign that was hard to read telah diposkan seterusnya to the bar stand saying what seemed to be “No fighting in the bar.” As he entered he seemed to not draw much attention which was good on his part.

‘All he berkata was that I had to learn to survive on my own and then I get to come back home. That shouldn’t be too hard should it?’ Shiro thought to himself as he looked around. ‘Well then he did say I had to learn and actually fight……. So that might be a bit of an issue…… Oh well!’ He smiled. ‘Ill just talk Head Matsuki once I survive out here for a bit! Well first thing is first! I need some food! Friends would be nice too.’ He thought before reaching into one of the inner pockets in his kimono. Before being tossed out into the outskirts between Nerin and Devin’s territory, the head of their clan decided to give him some cash to start off with which was enough to make Shiro feel like he was still rooting for him. While to the clan it was only a small quantity, to the average person, particularly in the slums, it was a emas mine.

Shiro walked up to the bar, that of which he was barely taller than, and looked up at the menu. “Uhh…. Can anda get me some kind of snack?”

The bartender looked down at him almost as if he was wondering if a demon at Shiro’s age even had money to pay for the food. After a few saat he replied. “What kind of snack are anda looking for kid?”

“Hm…. I dunno. While Im here I figured I would taste some of the unique foods in this sector.” Shiro smiled. “So please sir, give me something anda find interesting.”

Again the bartender was silent for a bit before sighing. “Fine. anda better have money to pay for this.” He berkata before turning around and disappearing into the back. Shortly later he came back with a small burger-like item. “There. Now pay up.”

“This will do wont it?” Shiro berkata passing up a twenty.

The bartender paused and looked at the money before speaking quietly. “Uh….. Y-yeah. That covers it.”

“Thank anda very much sir!” Shiro berkata happily as he grabbed the burger before looking around. ‘Now where to sit though….. Back in the Tsuki clan everyone had a place where they fit in and a nice kerusi, tempat duduk that was unspokenly claimed as their own….. Now that I think of it Ive never ate out on my own without one of those members atau Reina coming along with me.’ He scratched the back of his head with his free hand. ‘Well making frie-‘ His thoughts were cut off sejak someone suddenly standing up from one corner of the bar, marching over to the other and punching one of the bulky men right in the back of the head.

“Hey! What do anda want punk?” The bulky man berkata standing up after having been punched. “Do anda want a fight atau something?”

“Oh do I want I fight? Well I heard anda talking some trash about me and my guys. Don’t think anda are all so sly with your whispers and all.” The man said, putting his hands on the bulk man’s chest and pushing him backwards into the table, breaking the meja, jadual in the process. For his size, he held some impressive strength. It was something that wasn’t too odd in demons though.

The bulky man moaned as he pulled himself back up. “Oh anda are going to pay for that anda son of a bi-“ The bulky man began to say as he started to charge forward, clearly planning to land a punch on the man. He clearly would have gotten the punch in and started a huge gang battle, if Shiro had not gotten in his way and stopped his sentence midway. Normally a gang member like him would have went in regardless, but Shiro was so small and innocent looking that anyone would have to double take.

“Stop! We don’t need to fight now do we? Im sure we can talk this over like two Friends cant we? We are all fellow demons, so lets get along!” Shiro berkata with a smile before taking a bite of his burger. “If anda guys sit down and discuss it out like Friends I can buy anda drinks!”

There was an odd silence between the two men as they looked down at Shiro who was now standing between them….. Offering to buy them free drinks.

“So are we good? Did we avoid a fight? Are we buddies?” Shiro berkata happily looking at one of the men and then the seterusnya rapidly.

The two men exchanged glances before the bulky man spoke up to Shiro. “Hey kid. How much money do anda have on anda anyways?”

“Huh? Oh. I was left with a few hundred….. Its not much but Im sure it can buy anda a guys whatever drink anda may want.” Shiro berkata before pulling out a large wad of money to count.

“The money is mine buddy.” The man berkata glaring over at the bulky man, clearly treating Shiro as nothing lebih than a bag with money in it.

“Wait wait wait. That money belongs to me and my guys. anda have no right to take it.” The bulk man barked back.

“No no no! Its fine! I can give anda all some! Theres plenty to go around. I could actually probably get all your Friends something to drink as well if anda like” Shiro berkata clearly innocent of what was going on.

“Listen here kid. This isn’t how it works. anda don’t give us the money. Its not your money anymore.” The bulky man glared down at Shiro before turning his attention to the man. “Fine then. First gang to get their hand on the money first gets the money.”

“Fine fine. We all know neither of us will back down once the money is in the possession of the other but since this kid is annoying me, lets do this.” The man replied, turning his attention to the kid.

“Ah….. Waiiiittt….. Whats going on?” Shiro berkata backing up as the two suddenly began approaching closer to him. “Are we not going to be….”

“GET HIM.” The two men shouted as the massive groups that they came from all stood up with their attentions at Shiro.

“..friends?” Shiro finished before the two men jumped at him only to land face first into the ground. Where Shiro was he was no longer there.

“What?! Whered he go?” The bulky man berkata before looking around to see the doors flicker open and close. There was a silence in the bar before the bulky man spoke up again. “AFTER HIM. DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY!” Suddenly the two men and the massive group of people went charging out the doors.

‘Phew! That was a close one.’ Shiro sighed only a short distance away from the bar. He was bent over slightly as he caught his breath. ‘People aren’t as nice here as they are at home. Never before have I been so glad Ive gotten good at using ill-‘ A quiet rumble cut Shiro’s thoughts off. ‘Whats that noise?’ He thought just as the massive crowd of people came charging out of the bar. “Come on! Cant be just be friends?!” He berkata before continuing his run away from the crowd.


Yaaawwnnn. A young demon, also barely a teenager, sat on the roof of one of the worn down buildings in the same city. This demon had long black hair tied messily into a kuda, kuda kecil tail and a katana attached to his waist. Unlike Shiro though, this demon had clearly been living in this life style for a while, atau at least if he hadn’t, he did a good job of looking it. ‘Ugh…. This is so boring. Between arena dates theres never anything to do…..’ He leaned back to lay down on the roof. ‘Its fight one group of weaklings then the seterusnya and then the seterusnya and the next. How many have I creamed through at this point?’ He sighed. ‘Maybe I should settle down until the seterusnya arena match. Ive collected enough money to sit and do nothing for a while….. Not like that would be any fun. Hell isn’t fun for sitting and doing nothing….. Never has never will.’ He yawned again. ‘Maybe I should just take a nap here. I could probably go cause some ruckus tomorrow with some guards closer to capital…..’

The demon closed his eyes for a short while only for him to suddenly open them again at the sound of a young demon running and shouting something about Friends over and over again while being chased down sejak what seemed to be…. A large mob? Mobs weren’t common in places like the outskirts. He suddenly sat up as the group seemed to pass right by. As he had guessed sejak the sound of it, some young rich, and probably snobby, white haired demon was running just a short distance in front of a huge massive mob of people…… No not a mob. It looked lebih like a gang….. atau two…. Maybe three? Who knew. Either way they were chasing him for some reason…..

The boy and the group ran past the house. ‘The poor kid probably had money atau suddenly started a fight with some sneer rich kid remarks.’ He sighed and stood up. ‘That was the first mistake a lot of new comers did when they first come to outskirts. Regardless of if he was an annoying kid atau not, the guy deserves a saat chance.’ With a yawn, the demon jumped down, off the roof and into a shadowy hallway where he seemed to have vanished into thin air.


It hadn’t taken too long for the crowd to get closer and closer to Shiro as they continued running. Shiro was never the best at speed atau stamina so the only real way he kept a good distance all the time was sejak constantly fooling them with some form of illusion. Regardless though, there was only so much energy he could use to putting illusions like that all the time and it was clear he was starting to run dry. Suddenly, out of breath and tired he came to a stop, allowing the massive crowd of people to surround him. telah diberi a few breaths he spoke up. “Come…. On…..” He berkata broken up sejak breaths. “Cant we… Just be…. Friends?”

“Weve already discussed this. We aren’t interested in being friends.” The bulky man spoke out again. “Now come on. anda made us run a lot. Come nicely over here and give me the money. We won-“

“How about no?” A voice called out from what seemed to be no where shortly before a massive amount of bandages sprung out from the ground in a circle. The bandages whipped out at anyone too close, forcing the crowd to give them a significantly larger amount of space. As soon as the crowd backed off a bit, the demon who was on the roof seemed to rise from Shiro’s shadow. “I would like to claim that money as mine. anda thugs can go susu off of your gang battles.”

“Oi. Arent anda getting a little cocky for someone who really isn’t much older than the kid we are trying to steal from? Do anda not realize that there is one of anda and many of us?” The other man from earlier spoke up, glaring at the demon.

“What are anda talking about? anda guys wouldn’t even be a warm up for me to be honest.” The demon sighed. “Anyways? Are we going to do this the easy way atau are anda going to make me fight anda all?“

“Oh? So we don’t have to fight? That’s great!” Shiro cheered, still behind the demon.

“Eh?! What are anda talking about? These people are out to kill you. Of course Im going to fight those boneheaded idiots. It’s a rhetorical question.” The demon sighed before turning back to the crowd. “Whats with this kid anyways?” The crowd seemed to just glare back at the demon. The demon sighed lightly. “Fine. I guess anda guys won’t be of any fun before we fight.” He put his hand on the hilt of his katana. “This is why I like arena battles better than these silly jalan fights….” He murmured under his breath.

“What was that?!” One of the men shouted out.

“Nothing!” The demon shouted before charging in.

“Ah! Wait! anda guys don’t need to fight!” Shiro shouted, though it was all in vain for the fight had already begun.

The fight lasted about ten minit and consisted of a lot of noise, a lot of wounding, and a lot of people being slammed into the floor atau being thrown at walls with bandages. In the end, a good portion of the crowd ended up scurrying off and retreating from the battle, but a fair portion of them ended up on the ground knocked out or, for the less fortunate, dead. The demon sighed. He wasn’t completely unscathed after that and did have a few wounds on his arms and a few cuts on his face, but compared to wounds taken before it really wasn’t much. He put his hand over any of the deeper wound where a bandage would suddenly bungkus, balut tightly over the wound. “Hey kid in the white.”

“Ah….. Um….” Shiro berkata quietly. “….You want my money right?”

“I don’t give a shit about your money. Don’t be stupid seterusnya time cause no one is going to save anda sticken ass.” The demon berkata walking past Shiro.

“To be fair I don’t think theres that much of an age difference between anda and I.” Shiro commented, clearly catching the demon’s attention as the demon turned around and glared.

“Is that how anda speak to the person who just saved your sorry ass?” The demon replied sounding fairly irritated.

“Im sorry. It seemed like a point that had to be made.” Shiro berkata with a smile as he scratched the back of his head. Suddenly he turned to the men that were on the floor unconscious and walked over, knelt down, and began to heal their wounds.

“HEY! What the hell do anda think anda are doing?!” The demon quickly ran over and grabbed Shiro’s arm, pulling him away from the men on the floor. “They’ll kill anda as soon as they are healed!”

“Well they are harmed….. We cant just let them die….” Shiro berkata trying to reach out as he was dragged away.

“You really aren’t used to living around here aren’t you?” The demon berkata before reaching a shadow and vanishing into it, dragging Shiro along, shortly reappearing off in the opposite side of town. “Cause anda don’t go healing the enemy openly like that. I can get anda to a safer town if anda like but Im not doing anything further for you.”

“Wait.” Shiro berkata tilting his head slightly to the side before going up and grabbing one of his bandaged arms. “Are anda injured?”

“Wait what?! No Im fine!” The demon berkata suddenly pulling away.

“No no. Let me heal anda it’s the least I can do.”

“Im fine. I can tend to myself.”

“No let me heal you.” Shiro went back and got closer.

“No Im fine.” The demon backed up.

“Imma heal you.” Shiro closed the distance.

“I berkata Im fine! I don’t need healing!” He berkata only before hitting his arm against a dinding and wincing.

“See! anda are hurt. Let me heal you!” Shiro put on a mean, well mean for him, face.

The demon glared at him for a bit before sighing and sitting down.. “Fine. But if anda pull anything sneaky Ill kill anda in an insant.”

“Fine fine.” Shiro berkata as he took a knee and began healing the demon’s arm. “Do anda mind telling my name? Ill tell anda mine if anda tell me yours. After that we can be friends!”

“Im not sharing my name with you. I rarely ever share my name with anyone.” He sighed. “And where did this friend thing come from? Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to be doing anything after anda healed my arm?”

“Ah well anda don’t seem like half a bad perso-“

“You do realize I have spent the last few years doing nothing but participating in the tournament and arena matches when available and taking part in basically any fight people offer me right?” The demon sighed. “Ive killed several other demons before, heck I probably killed some right in front of you. Im no hero kid. Im just some bored demon who found something interesting to do.”

“Well anda cant be all that bad. anda didn’t kill me and anda let some of them go so I supposed tha-“

“Im better. Thanks.” The demon stood up suddenly, cutting Shiro off.

Shiro’s gaze quickly moved up to follow the demon’s face as he got up. “But wait yo-“

“You did enough. Ill be fine.” The demon took a few steps further away. “Head north for a short while. Youll slowly find yourself finding yourself deeper into Devin’s sector. There will be some nice people who might take anda in and protect you.” It was clear that Shiro was going to respond, but once again the demon didn’t let him. “By the way. Since anda were so nice about it, the names Derith.” He berkata before suddenly vanishing into a shadow.


“So yeah basically that was me getting chased sejak a mob. And then him coming to get me.”

“What were anda even thinking then? anda were like what? Half their size? Immensely weaker? A mage? anda were lacking in numbers sejak a long shot as well…..”

“Well I actually thought that we could all be friends. I mean, it didn’t sound like that bad of an idea did it?”

“It did.”





“Well I thought it was a good idea. Anyways….”

“So basically after that point, we did part ways but it didn’t really seem to go exactly as I had planned then and a few times one after the other I ended up saving him because he tried to befriend everyone.”

“Hey! anda say that as if it’s a bad thing. I think having Friends is a good thing.”

“I mean, it is but….”

“Ah don’t worry about it. I wont hate anda for saying anda don’t like friends.”

“What?! That’s not what I was saying I was-“

“No no. Its fine. Its good to be honest.” *snickering*

“….. Whatever. Anyways, after a few times of saving him a few other time-“

“He decided to be a good person and let me be his partner so I wouldn’t get hurt.”

“I think its lebih along the lines of anda started to follow me and I stopped minding about it.”

“You make me sound like a stalker….”

“Anyways, so it wasn’t long before the arena dates and tournament dates began coming up again for the Summer competitions and like every other competition, I planned on joining.”

“And I was against it. Actually, Im still against it. They are unnecessary illegal tournaments that result in unnecessary wounds and lebih often than not deaths, all just to get money. anda better not go back to those places again.”

“Im not even allowed back in Hell. How would I?” *sigh* “Roll the film.”


It was rounding around the end of the preliminary matches of the tournament that began in early summer. At the current moment, Derith was placed against another darkness demon making the match a rather interesting one. It was actually fairly rare for someone to sertai the tournaments inexperienced due to the fact that less than half of the people who participate in the tournaments walk out alive. It was how anda won; render the opponent dead atau unable to fight. Uncle and mercy wasn’t something that was permitted in this tournament.

Earlier in the hari the two of them, Shiro and Derith, had a good argument about joining the tournament. Like usual, Shiro was against unnecessary violence and any unnecessary ‘murders’, as he put it, and Derith wanted to continue his path within the tournaments. It ended up with the two parting ways. Since then the two haven’t actually seen atau spoken to each other since.

After what was a good 9 minit of an interesting fight, the match was clearly drawing itself to an end and any skilled fighter would be able to notice that. Through the fight, both being darkness demons, quickly took out the lights which permitted both to alih and work at their full potential. Those that were able to keep up couldn’t say anything else besides how interesting the match was. To the average eye it would seem like a good neck to neck match, but really Derith’s opponent was already drawn into a corner between the border of the rim of the arena and a few bandages extending from the ground like seaweed.

telah diberi the one saat of hesitation his opponent made upon realizing he was cornered, Derith managed to grasp the legs of his opponent with the bandages before pulling him down to the ground, now pinned sejak the bandaged. Derith sighed and readied the katana that was in his hand as he walked over to his opponent. ‘Pin the opponent down and deliver the final blow. That’s how it goes around here.’ He sighed, holding the blade down. ‘Since Shiro came around I haven’t been permitted to kill a single thing. This feels so odd now. Oh well.’

Derith, with his readied blade, prepared to bring the katana down and land the final blow and just as he made the motion to do so, his opponent seemed to unnaturally slide across the floor out of the way of the blade that was now stabbed into the ground. Quickly Derith turned to look at his opponent, caught fairly off guard only to see that he too was equally shocked. For a short while there was an awkward silence as the referees began looking frantically around and the match was called to an end under a purple flag which signified exterior interference.

“You two meet us in the back in about ten minutes.” One of the referees berkata as he walked into the battle arena.

“Ah…. Alright. Will do.” Derith berkata before sighing. ‘It wasn’t really much of anything I have to worry about. Walk in, get asked questions, watch someone get in trouble then walk out. End of story.’ Really, its something that happened before in tournaments. Some friend is sent in the background to make sure their friend doesn’t die in the match and interferes. Most rookies attempt it and it usually ends up in the death of the friend who interfered, atau if the person who they were helping speaks up, the person’s disqualification.

As asked, Derith headed to the back of the arena after waiting around for ten minit where his opponent was along with two large muscular men who seemed to have already begun relentlessly asking him questions. He sighed and folded his arms and leaned against the wall, waiting to be addressed atau asked soalan himself. It was only natural that they wouldn’t ask him much though. He was the one that was going to win, there was no reason for him to have someone interfere and help his opponent.

This had actually continued on for a few minit before two other large muscular men came walking up carrying none other than the small, white haired Shiro over their shoulder. ‘The hell..? Didn’t he walk off?’ Derith thought as he stopped leaning on the wall. ‘Whats he doing here?’

“Found him. This little guy was in the back messing with the rounds.” berkata the man carrying Shiro over his shoulder.

“Hey this is all messed up! anda shouldn’t host such horrid things!” Shiro berkata kicking lightly in the grasp of the man.

“You know anything about this guy?” The other man spoke up asking Derith’s opponent.

“I don’t. I really don’t. Never met him before….. I swear.” His opponent replied softly.

The man glared at him for a bit. “You do know we don’t take mercy on little kids either right? Are anda sure anda don’t know him?”

“I don’t. I berkata I don’t and I mean it.” His opponent repeated. “Kill him for all I care.”

“Please don’t kill me.” Shiro replied. “That’s not the nice thing to do.”

The man seemed rather irked sejak Shiro’s side komen and quickly flipped him off of his shoulder and into his hand, holding him up from the ground sejak nothing but his kimono’s collar. “Don’t speak like anda have a choice here.” The man drew his hand back as energy began to surround it.

“Hey wait!” Derith spoke up suddenly. “My place in this tournament isn’t worth it. That guys with me. Don’t hurt him.”

“Wait with you?” The man turned his attention over to Derith. “Why would anda have someone save your opponent from your own attack? Let alone basically all the matches prior to that.”

“I… I don’t approve of these matches.” Derith berkata lying horribly. “Just disqualify me from this tournament. I wont cause any lebih troubles no would my friend.”

The man paused, seemingly judging the honesty of his statement before dropping Shiro onto the floor with a loud thud. “Fine. Run off. I don’t want to see your face around here anytime soon.”

“Alright.” Deirth berkata before quickly dragging Shiro sejak his kimono out of the tournament arena. It wasn’t until the time when they got out of the tournament arena that he spoke again. “What the hell do anda think anda were doing itnerefering with not only my match but the ones prior to that? Do anda know that we could have gotten killed if they weren’t so lenient to us? I would be shocked if they even allowed me back into any tournament arena any where now!”

“That isn’t as much of a bad thing as anda make it seem. That just means a fewer amount of people killed sejak you.” Shiro muttered to himself.

“Why does it matter if I kill people atau not? Ive been doing it for years prior to anda following me around. I don’t think anda have a right to tell me what I can and cant do.”

“Well when anda plan to do something horrible, I wont let anda complete it. Alright? That’s my duty as anda friend.”

“More like a stalker….” Derith muttered under his breath. “Do anda know how much I passed up just to save your life for the millionth time? That was riches. Endless endless riches.”

“Well sorry about that, but there are lebih proper ways of getting money like that anda know. I wont approve of anda getting dirty money.”

“I don’t- anda know what….. Nevermind.” Derith berkata before turning around. “Now I got another six months before I can even have a chance of entering another tournament. Lets go find something to do.”

“Yay! Lets have some fun!” Shiro cheered.

“Don’t think Im going to get over this for a bit though. Im still pissed.” He muttered before walking off.

“Okiee dokiee.” Shiro berkata happily before skipping after him.


“You were such a tsundere back then. Its cute.”

“I was not…… And anda were just so cheerful back then.”

“Eh? I don’t think cheerful is the right word there.”

“Well ‘too nice’ in the end of it all. We could have gotten so much money if anda let me fight in that one match.”

“But I wouldn’t be happy with anda if anda killed someone. And regardless, I already had messed with a few other matches at that point. anda would have been disqualified regardless.”

“….. anda say that too happily.”

“Well it is a good thing. Anyways, what else do we have left to cover?”

“I suppose we could do entering Devin’s army as an executive officer and all.”

“Alright then everyone. Off to the final part! See anda later!”


((And this was the point where Riku Lost the flow and decided to not write the last part.))