Note: Seika is actually a familiar of Odessa so really this is the bio of a sub-character.


It all started many years ago. Almost 700 years. I was always a warrior. On Earth, I was praised and even feared due to my battle prowess. No opponent could stand against me. I had an almost undefeated record. They called me 'The Man Who Can Slay Demons' and I even believed it myself. One day, I was heading into a village located near where I happened to be making camp. I needed supplies for I was hunting a dangerous fugitive. As I entered the town, I immediately noticed something strange. Time in that small village...seemed to have stopped. The people were motionless, the wind was entirely still, objects in the process of falling hung suspended in the air, and in the center of it all, stood a large man. I call him a man, but I instantly saw him for what he truly was. A demon. The man stood nearly 8 feet tall, his arms, torso, legs, and neck were all massively thick with muscle, his hair was simple, and he seemed to be just standing there. I drew my sword and prepared myself to attack. i was confident in my victory. I was the man who could slay demons and today was the hari I proved it. With that thought in mind, I charged in, ferocious and precise. It was a perfectly executed attack...but it never landed. I was prideful. The demon flicked me away with a mere thought and before I knew what had happened, I was unconscious.

When I awoke, I realized that I was not where I had previously been. Foolish notions of being in the afterlife struck me before such foolish notions were chased away sejak the knowledge that my head wound had been bandaged and properly treated. I also noticed that I had been disarmed. With that in mind, it was clear what had happened. The demon had dragged me down into hell. For what purpose, I could only guess. Luckily, I only had time to make a few gruesome bets before approaching footsteps signaled the arrival of the very demon that had knocked me out and taken me to this place. This demons name was Olberon Aedelricke, Odessa and Zaebos' father and one of Satan's most trusted advisers. I stared at the demon apprehensively, but not allowing any fear to tunjuk on my features. I stared down the monster, though Olberon did not seem to care for petty mind games and instead withdrew my sword from his clothing and tossed it to me. I caught the blade one handed, not moving my eyes from him, and paused. Then I inspected my blade to find it was in undamaged. I considered, for an instant, attempting to attack Olberon again. Olberon seemed to know this as he told me to restrain myself and to follow him. Then Olberon turned and walked out of the cell I was in. I was left with a choice. I could follow Olberon, who for all I knew was leading me to my own personal torture chamber, atau I could attempt to flee and find a way back to Earth...if one existed. I did not need long to decide. whether I stayed in my cell, followed Olberon, atau tried to escape, I would not make it far enough for my choice to matter. If he wanted me dead, I would be. That meant that there was a reason for him to keep me alive, and I needed to know what that was, so I followed him.

Olberon had not stopped for a saat so I had to run to catch up to him. It seemed he was not worried I would choose not to follow him. When I caught up to him, I slowed my pace and followed him. The seterusnya few minit passed in silence. I took the time to examine my surroundings. The building I was in was enormous. Larger than I had ever seen before. There were countless doors, windows, balconies, staircases, paintings, vases, fireplaces, rugs, ornaments, and almost any other luxury imaginable. I was in awe of the place, but also very nervous. To have all of this...the demon in front of me must be a very dangerous being. The proof of that was in what I noticed next. Demons. Dozens of demons. All of them walking around, performing various tasks. They were clearly something similar to servants, but why enslave other demons? Why not just fly down to Earth and snatch up unsuspecting humans? My musings were cut short sejak our arrival at our destination.

We stood in front of a massive set of two doors. The doors were made of some kind of wood I did not recognize. The handles were proportionate to the doors which, so to say, means they were quite large as well. Olberon seemed to not think this sight worth the agape mouth I was giving it and instead reached his hand out to grab the door handle. I rolled my eyes. Not even he could open these doors on his own. Yet that was exactly what he did, and with ease as well. The doors slid open with the expected dramatic creaking sound, and Olberon walked inside. I frowned. There had to be some trick. Perhaps the doors were on wheels? Nevertheless, I walked inside. We stood in a massive room that was undoubtedly a takhta room. The room was easily twice as extravagant as anything else I had seen. There were torches all along the dinding and a massive skylight in the middle of the ceiling. At the far end of the room sat the thrones. One was slightly smaller than the other...and once again, my mouth fell open, but this time it was not because of the scenery, but the occupant. In the smaller takhta sat the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, without a doubt. She had long flowing black hair that looked, and likely felt, as fine as silk. Her eyes were sky blue and seemed to literally be twinkling. Her dress was a beautiful white gaun with emas trims and little frills at the wrists. Her skin was pale white with just the right amount of color and her features were without a single flaw. This woman, as anda may have guessed, was Odessa's mother. Her name was Cytheria.

Cytheria smiled as I stared at her with a dumb stupor on my face and quietly cleared her throat. The sound was magnificent, but it did shock me from my mindlessness. It was then that I noticed something I had not noticed about her with my original glance. Cytheria was pregnant. Judging sejak the looks of it, she was pretty far along. This only added to my confusion and I looked at Olberon to find that while he wasn't as overcome sejak me, he had also taken some time to appreciate Cytheria's beauty. After a second, Olberon began walking forward. I followed him, hesitantly. When we reached Cytheria, Olberon got down on his knee, grabbed her wrist, and kissed it gently. I briefly wondered if I should do the same, but they moved on so I did not. Olberon stood up and he greeted his wife. He asked her if anything had happened in his absence. To which she replied with a soft no. She told him that everything was fine. During this whole conversation, I was left without context so I could not know what they were referring to, but I could gather some information. Olberon seemed concerned about his wife so something must be posing a threat to her. A threat that Olberon believed would attempt to strike in his absence. Olberon nodded at her reassurances and he told her that he had found what he was looking for and that things would soon be well. Was he referring to me? I wanted nothing lebih than to ask why I was still alive, but I restrained myself. Cytheria nodded to her husband and soon things turned lebih personal. Olberon asked how the child was and Cytheria berkata that it had been kicking lebih lately than it had previously. Olberon nodded. I still had the same look of cluelessness on my face that I had been wearing the entire time and Cytheria noticed. She nodded at me and suggested I be informed. Olberon nodded and turned to me. He told me that I was now the property of the Aedelricke family and that I would do well to quickly accept the situation and accept my first orders. I glared at them. I knew this was coming. I was being turned into a slave. Of course that was why they were keeping me alive. They needed someone to take out the trash and sweep the floors. Well they were soon going to find out that I may be a small, insignificant human, but I certainly was not going to be anyone's slave and I told them as much. My statement certainly wasn't going to go over well and I was preparing myself in case I needed to fight Olberon...and Cytheria coughed. It was a light cough, but it was enough to put both me and Olberon on the alert. Olberon asked what was wrong and Cytheria reassured him that everything was perfectly fine, that it was merely a dry throat due to lack of water. I, however, was looking lebih deeply. I do not know how I knew, but I did. I was a trained warrior. I could usually tell when an enemy was near, but this was different. I walked a little closer and reached a hand out and for the first time since I'd seen him in that village, Olberon looked to be on his guard around me. Cytheria waved him off and let me reach ke hadapan and feel her ear. It was pink. lebih so than the rest of her pale body. Such a difference did not seem natural. It turns out I was right because the saat I touched her ear, I grunted in pain and snatched my hand back. I examined my fingers to see they had nasty burns. I frowned and then reached down cautiously and felt her belly. It was warm, almost hot. It did not burn me like when I touched her ears, but I knew why that was. I withdrew my hand, and turned to Olberon. 'This woman and her child are being poisoned.' I berkata to him. Olberon's eyes widened and he demanded his wife tell him when the coughing had started. Cytheria berkata it had been going on for almost a week, but that poison was impossible. Only one atau two of her most trusted servants had been near her in all that time. It was enough for Olberon and myself. We turned and we strode out of the room, with Cytheria staring after us with a worried look.

In the seterusnya several hours, I could only say one thing about Olberon, and that is that he was amazing. The assassin had covered his tracks exceptionally well, but Olberon caught onto his scent in an instant. He could read the truth in their eyes. He could see the guilt of betraying the family they had served so dearly. Somehow he could see these things with just a glance, and when he did...he showed no mercy, and that was amazing too, in it's own terrible way. After it was all berkata and done, night was beginning to fall. Olberon had just informed Cytheria that the threat was dealt with and the antidote he received from the assassin would soon heal her with no lasting repercussions. I had tagged along during the whole conversation, unsure of what I was here for. Cytheria seemed to sense that and when she leaned in to give her husband a kiss, she whispered in his ear that maybe it was time to let me in and...ask...for my help. I did not know what to do. Olberon paused, then nodded and Cytheria left the room. I was almost entranced again sejak watching her leave, but Olberon's words distracted me just in time. Olberon told me that he held a high rank amongst demons and that because of this, he has made some enemies. He told me that none of these enemies will attack him directly so they are focusing on his only weakness, Cytheria and her child. He told me that succubi usually do not get pregnant, but Cytheria chose to be, and was nearing the end of her pregnancy. Olberon then looked me directly in the eyes for the first time and he held my gaze. He berkata that he could not protect her every saat of every day, that his enemies were looking for even the tiniest opening in their defenses, and that Cytheria needed round the clock protection. I looked in the direction that Cytheria had gone in and contemplated my options. "Why should I care? What point is there in my getting involved in the affairs of demons." I asked him. Olberon responded sejak asking me why I attacked him in that village. I was stumped. there were several reasons. The most strong of which was my desire to prove myself. To fully earn the tajuk as the man that could slay demons. I did not tell Olberon this, but it was clear he knew. He berkata that sejak protecting Cytheria, I'd get the chance to prove myself against stronger and stronger opponents. I thought about it. It made sense, but it would still be placing myself under the rule of the Aedelricke family. Eventually, I decided to try it on a temporary basis. Just to make sure.

Over the seterusnya several months, I was on 24 jam a hari guard duty. I was with Cytheria at all times. I learned that, after becoming a servant of the Aedelricke family, I no longer needed sleep. There were other changes. I found my skills were untouched, but I could use them at a level that was almost demonic. I liked the changes, but the most dramatic was the way I viewed those who I was now living aside. Demons were not anything like I had imagined they would be. They had morals, honor, dignity, pride, emotions, and everything else that we humans had. They were remarkably similar, yet entirely different. The revelation shocked me, and it amused Cytheria to no end. She was a remarkable woman. Her wit and humor were matchless and she enjoyed introducing me to demonic culture. She insisted we go out every hari so that she could tunjuk me some new sight. As her bodyguard, I was hesitant, but usually found myself strong armed into holding her bags as she browsed the merchandise in the capital. It was on one of those trips that I first met Nerin. Cytheria and I were busy browsing the wares of a rather shady kedai when we heard arguing coming from down the street. We turned with quizzical gazes to see none other than the demon lord herself taking a stroll. Behind her was her current adviser at the time, who seemed rather nervous. I could not sense the danger and when I looked at Cytheria, I noticed a sweet smile on her face. "Oh so she is out and about today. How exciting."

Nerin soon spotted us and a smile broke out on her face. She bounded over to us and grabbed both of Cytheria's hands in greeting.

Nerin: "Cytheria, my darling! It's been ages!"

Cytheria: "Hello Nerin, yes it has. It's wonderful to see you."

The two began to talk animatedly. I looked around for any signs of danger while everyone else seemed to be focused on Cytheria and Nerin. The two were an interesting sight to behold. Cytheria's beauty was unparalleled, but Nerin gave her a run for her money. Both had an air of majesty and both were talking like old friends, but I could see the slight changes in their voices. It was too nice. It seemed like they would go on for hours, which was something Nerin's adviser did not seem to enjoy so he spoke up. Big mistake. The adviser cleared his throat and tried his best to explain to Nerin that she had work that needed to be done in the palace. Nerin's false smile faded and she looked at the adviser out of the corner of her eyes. Cytheria and I could see what she was going to do right before she did so and we both tried to stop her, but it was too late. Several saat later, the adviser was nowhere to be seen and the ground where he had been standing was smoking lightly. On instinct, my hand reached for my sword, but Cytheria placed a hand on mine to stop me and locked eyes with Nerin who was all smiles again.

Nerin: "Sorry about that Cytheria, dear. anda would not BELIEVE how boring his incessant nagging was getting. All hari it's "Nerin, there's a plague!" and "Nerin, anda have a meeting to go to!" I mean come ON, give a girl a few minit to herself." she berkata before noticing my hand on my blade. She smiled and looked me in the eyes. I held her gaze. "What are anda doing with this delicious looking human, sejak the way?" she asked Cytheria. "He looks so upset and he didn't even know the guy. Humans are just so caring. It's wonderful. however..."

I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my head as Nerin sent a stray thought into my head. It was clearly a passing thing, but it felt worse than anything I had ever had. I screamed in pain and fell down to my knees, clutching my skull like a madman. Cytheria glared at Nerin and ordered her to stop. Nerin looked at her. I could barely make out lebih than one atau two words at a time, but they seemed to be arguing back and forth. I vaguely remember her saying something about Cytheria's baby and Cytheria falling down before I Lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I was barely lucid. I groaned and tried to sit up but a hand on my chest pushed me back down. I blinked several times to clear my vision to find that it was Cytheria. She smiled gently and told me to take my time and rest. I asked her what had happened and how she was doing. Cytheria shook her head and berkata she would be fine. She then explained who Nerin was and what danger she could possess. She berkata that Nerin held herself back because of the Aedelricke family's influence. If she had gone all out, I would be in the same predicament as Nerin's former aide. I took the information in quietly and contemplated it. To think that there were demons so powerful that even a stray thought could cause massive damage. My role of protecting Cytheria was going to be alot lebih difficult than I had first thought.

Several lebih months passed and in that time, I had grown used to living in the Aedelricke household. It had even started to feel something like a home. I felt welcome there. The demons did not discriminate because I was human. I had proven myself lebih than capable of defending both myself and Cytheria as lebih assassination attempts were made. Some were obvious, like mercenaries atau bombers, while some were lebih discreet, like saboteurs and spies. Olberon turned out to be right. As a human and a warrior, I was naturally suspicious of demons and none of the assassination attempts came close to being successful. Soon enough, it was time. Cytheria had gone into labor. I had brushed up on my knowledge and learned that succubi actually had 15 tahun pregnancies. I had been brought on in the last year. I was content to stand guard outside, but Cytheria asked that I be in the room, along with all her other family. I was honored and accepted. Olberon also agreed that I should be present at the time. In the time I had been there, I had also grown closer to Olberon. He was usually off on business, but when he was in the manor, he often asked me to fill him in on what had happened in his absence. Our talks would sometimes last for hours. Compared to the length of the pregnancy, the labor did not last very long at all. Within 6 hours, the child, a baby boy, had been born. Succubi and Incubi infants are special in that they are some of the most precious looking creatures in existence. They look like ordinary babies, but they give off a feeling that makes them look like the most perfect infants imaginable. They have eyes that are constantly shifting Warna as it's body naturally tries to find the preference of whoever is looking at it at the time. They usually have two small indents on their back which is where their wings will sprout. I watched in all as Cytheria held the child and named it. Zaebos. Olberon was not one for emotion so he placed his hand on Zaebos' forehead and berkata that he would uphold the honor of the Aedelricke family quite well. Cytheria held him out to me and I hesitantly took him in my arms. Zaebos was against humans from birth as he began to struggle and I soon had to give him back to Cytheria to protect him.

Many years passed after that. I was assigned to protect Zaebos in addition to Cytheria from that point on, but Zaebos hated to have me anywhere near him so I had to keep an eye on him from a distance. Cytheria told me not to take it personally and to please do whatever I could to help him. I gave her my word. It turns out I didn't need to as Zaebos proved to be a natural in almost every field he entered. His skill rose at an incredible rate and soon he was undertaking the most advanced training Olberon could offer him at the ripe age of 80. I was one of his combat instructors at that time, and Zaebos made his feelings about that quite clear.

Zaebos: "I simply do not understand it, father! I do not see why I must bother spending an jam a hari training with that pathetic disgrace anda call a bodyguard! I'm clearly his superior in every way. I have defeated him time and time again and yet I must still endure his talk of warriors?! Why?!"

Olberon: "Defeated him? If I recall correctly, anda have never finished a training session with Seika. anda send him away before the jam is up and claim anda were bored."

Zaebos: "I am bored! why should I bother? I go until I'm sure of my victory, then I spare him and let the whelp live! Should I rather kill him? Perhaps then I would get another instructor. A DEMON instructor!"

Olberon: "Kill Seika? anda may find that harder than anda think. Seika is a human. He studies his opponents fighting style closely and develops a strategy against it before he makes his move. I have no doubt that sejak now he knows multiple ways to defeat anda in battle."

Zaebos: "You really think I'm weaker than a human?!"

Olberon: "Not weaker, just impatient. If anda truly wish to have a different instructor, I will schedule anda to have a sparring session with a member of the royal court once a week. It will not be as helpful as the daily sessions with Seika, but it is up to you."

In the end, Zaebos opted to have a demon instructor and Olberon had me removed as his guard and placed entirely on Cytheria once again. I had barely reported in when I was tackled to the ground and covered in the navy blue dress Cytheria had chosen to wear that day. When she finally let me go, I was shocked with exactly why she had tackled me. Cytheria was pregnant. My mouth dropped. It had been over three hundred years since she she had telah diberi birth to Zaebos. Nevertheless, I smiled and congratulated her. When Olberon got back, he was gonna need to be warned to sit down first.

So for the first few years of Cytheria's pregnancy, we prepared. We made sure to get everything that Cytheria needed long before she needed it. I had caught the end of her pregnancy last time so I was not prepared for what I was facing. There were zero assassination attempts for the first three years of her pregnancy because nobody ever angers a pregnant succubus during phase one. In phase two, the attempts started. sejak then, my reputation had grown and they knew of the demon slaying human who guarded the Aedelricke household so they only sent the very best in their attempts to kill her. Nevertheless, they failed each and every time. sejak all means, the entire pregnancy was smooth sailing. That is, until about ten years into the pregnancy. Cytheria and I were on our way back from a trip to the capital when Cytheria fell down in pain. I knelt beside her and remembered what this looked like from when she had Zaebos. Cytheria was in labor, but it was five years too soon. I didn't understand it at the time and there was nobody around to help. We couldn't get her to the manor and I couldn't abandon her. Cytheria kept a cool head and told me that I was going to have to deliver it. She talked me through the process, and even though I had lebih than a little doubt about the logic of this plan, I had long since decided I trust Cytheria enough to do anything she requested. So I delivered the baby. Cytheria had time to name her before passing out. Odessa.

I managed to get both Odessa and Cytheria back to the manor in time for both to make it out okay. Cytheria would need katil rest for about a week and Odessa was obviously not going to take care of herself. Olberon stormed back and he was enraged. Olberon was scary to see but I was just as furious that I had missed something so I raged right along with him. Olberon did some checking and he came up with a theory. He believed that Nerin had done it from the palace as a game to see if Cytheria atau the baby would die. Olberon had no proof, but that didn't stop him from charging to the capital to confront her. Before leaving he told me to stay sejak Cytheria's side and do whatever she asked. I inclined my head and went to Cytheria. For several days, it was calm, then she asked me to do her a favor. "Look after Odessa for me." she said. "She is young and she is already at a disadvantage. I know that Olberon wants her to be tough and protect our honor, but I don't want that for her. I want her to find her own path, no matter where it leads. Always protect her, Seika. Keep her safe."

I accepted her charge with pride and from that hari on, Odessa and I were together. I taught her what I knew about weapons and she soon found she had an aptitude for daggers and magic. That being said, Odessa was never much of a warrior like Zaebos was. Odessa was lebih kind and gentle. She thought of me as her best friend and loved the humans as a whole. She called them her cute little neighbors. This kept on for quite awhile until finally her kind spirit got her hurt.

Odessa had several Friends her age that she played with, but unlike her, they were raised with very different papar on humans. This was fine until one hari Odessa caught her so called Friends torturing a condemned human soul. How they got ahold of it was a mystery, but they did and when Odessa saw them kicking and laughing, she tried to defend the human. The children pushed Odessa down and Odessa screamed at them to leave the human alone. The children, rash and spoiled, decided it was their duty to teach Odessa a lesson. So they attacked the human soul with all the viciousness of a berserker. Odessa watched with wide eyes as the human soul was torn to shreds sejak mere children. The screams echoed in her ears and she was too shocked to even try to hold back the tears. I was not there for her. I thought she was safe, and because of that, she suffered greatly. If only I could have told her that human souls are impossible to destroy. anda can tear it and bend it and even bruise it pretty badly, but they can't be broken. Not even sejak Satan himself.

When she returned utama that day, we all noticed something had changed. Odessa was lebih distant. She refused to let me close and from that hari on, she believed that humans were inferior. That they were too easily broken, and that a demon's pride was everything. This carried on and got lebih and lebih severe until finally she was banished for it. know what happened after that. She met you, and the thoughts she had as a child about humans began to emerge. She began to think that maybe humans weren't so bad, but then she transformed, and she saw the parts of that transformation that were almost angelic. She had been tricked, and she would never make the mistake of letting another human in ever again."