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posted by carthekid
anda seek death, but he won't let you.
anda want the pain to end, with no cerfue.
anda can't speak, to his mind.
anda don't believe, families kind.

I want you, but she wants death.
I see pain, but can't tell no truth.
I hear you, but won't help you.
I tell you, but can't listen.

anda Cinta me, which was a lie.
anda tell me, which was a good bye.
anda want me, which I push away.
anda hurt me, but I heal each day.

I need you, which anda can't see.
I know you, which I'm to be.
I Cinta you, which anda make hard.
I listen, but what anda hear is death notes.
posted by carthekid
I was a pup. Young wild and free. Life was happy. I lived in a small foresty area. Trying new smells, new things and yes. Surrviving the wilderness. I was home. Mother dog got us Makanan and took us to many places. Me,and my brother would Cinta to wrestle. Most of the time, I'd win. We'd always splash and play in the mud, growling at each other till mother called. We ran smoothly making are way in the bushes and through the trees. As exspected, mother would always be there. Once me and brother were playing bite each others ears, we heard a yelp. Prancing to the echo of her bark, we found her. She...
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posted by carthekid
anda know anda can't
But simply must
Can't gain
Anyone's trust
People anda depend on
Will likely die
Dare stare
Into the eye
My soul be crushed
Yes its true
But who I thank
Has to be you.

I just found out that there's a lion king 2 and it makes me wonder, what would happen when anda die? I don't know leave a komen on my wall.
My life is meaning less no one would miss me if I died and at my funeral I want the song 'thanks for the memories' because it's my kegemaran song and just listen to it. sejak fallout boys.
added by carthekid
This is a song. That I use to sleep to so yeah.
my life!
posted by carthekid
Hate. By:CarTheKid.

Horrible feeling from inside

And it could be people.

Trying to hold down

Even thoe it will stay with anda forever.

My life was so horrible yet. Haven't Lost my smile.
Seriously, I had this one counselor who I told my backstory to say to me 'wow car! I'm surprised anda could still smile!' and I thought in my head. This ain't my real smile.

atau on mothers hari at school, my sub was menunjukkan us how to do this so I raised my hand and said. 'what if anda don't have a mother?' so she looked at me with a frown and walked up to me and said.'do anda have a sibling anda could give it to?'
anda Know What Hurts.

Written By:CC rivard

All my life I've been wondering 
How to succeed 
But all I needed 
Was to be happy

Facing a hard game
Called life
Don't know how I do it
But it's not right

Till I tried but woke up to find what's to see

You know what hurts
Taking a bolliet in the head 
You know what hurts
Waking up to find your dead
You know what hurts
Taking the blame you
 know what hurts
Love is never the same

You know I can be silly
Maybe stupid too
I know what I'm feeling 
But I don't know about you

You wanted me to be broken
Like sheesh that's crewl
But please
I'm not your fool

Till I tried but woke...
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