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I'll give anyone a prop if they can figure out what this is guy Singing in this song.

I'm a huge WWE (wrestling) peminat and anda know TV shows got to have theme songs. Well when I first stared watching WWE the very first theme song I heard was a song called "Everybody On The Ground" but the only thing, I've known this song for 11 years and never ever caught the lyrics for this song. I have listen to it so many times in my life but I can't understand what this guy is saying XD The only words I can really here is "everybody on the ground!" But the rest is just gibberish in that song LOLZ So lets see if anyone on here can guess the lyrics. IDK if anda will be right cause I might not ever understand the guy singing, but if I had to guess what he is singing, it would go like....

"Everybody on the ground!
hurfa hurfaderfa rororor
durka durka durka durk

Yeah XD
 Metallica1147 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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