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help??? the ritz???

im going on vacation to the ritz-carlton hotel in tysons corner soon and idk what to wear!!! my mom told me its a really fancy five bintang hotel and i cant wear anything cheap like my fave sunglasses from claires. she told me minimum coach cuz its kinda cheap. my dompet, beg tangan choices are either fendi atau bally cross-body bags. which dompet, beg tangan brand is lebih 'classy' atau 'fancy' atau 'expensive'? and my clothes...i really dont know. i wear alot of american eagle, aeropostale, forever 21, h&m, wet seal, polo, and target. what would be best to wear? something MY AGE, im 12. and shoes...i have some nice sandals, toms, rainbows, and coach converse. so which shoes would be best? [no heels, haha(:]

so to paraphrase, the soalan are:
1)which brand is better to wear? fendi atau bally?
2)which brand [fendi atau bally] is lebih expensive atau classy?
3)what clothes are best to wear? [american eagle, aeropostale, forever 21, h&m, wet seal, polo, target]
3)what type of clothes should i wear? [skirts, shorts, tees, polos, rompers, dresses]
4)what shoes are best? (pick 2) [coach converse, rainbows, sandals, toms]

thanks(: pujian to best answer!
 clelily13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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partypony said:
Um, I'm not sure if I understood all that... But...

1) Fendi
2) Fendi
3) Aeropostale
4) Converse
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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