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i'm asking in the Rawak section because not many people go to the Nasihat section on here. anyway, ive liked this guy for 3 years and my feelings for him are really strong. recently i found out that he's liked me back the whole time, but now he also likes my ex-best friend and asked her to formal last week (she berkata yes). so he likes both of us now but he likes my old friend (R) lebih because shes less moody than me, and me and my ex-bff have been on civil terms for awhile, but i dont know what to do from here. me and the boy (L) talk constantly but he also talks to R a lot too. what if R likes 1 back (we dont know if she does)? it makes me a little mad because i used to always talk about how much i liked 1 to R, and now shes backstabbing me and going to formal with him. help? i dont know what to do, atau how to approach R to talk to her about it.
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Draculaura10 said:
Be less moody? Sorry, I truly have no experience with this, All I really have experience with isin my dreams, where I kissed my third grade crush (LIES! It was Percy Jackson) while playing "Seven minit in Heaven" XD I'm pathetic,aren't I? But anyways, I'm sorry I couldn'thelp much. :(
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