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Out of the 9 circles of heck where would u most likely go ??? If u died as a kid , teen , atau 20 - 29 and y

Limbo ( every kid goes here first ) (so this doesn't count

Would it b
Rapacia 4 greedy kids
Blimpo 4 hungry kids
Fibble 4 lying kids
Snivel 4 whiny kids
Precocia 4 kids who grow up 2 fast
Lipptor 4 kids who sass back
Sadia 4 really really mean kids
Dupli-city 4 dirty 2 faced snitches

I'd probs go 2 Fibble , Snivel , atau precocia
Fibble : I am a amazing liar 2 my Friends at school but they don't know it
Snivel : I'm kinda lonely well I'm a lot lonely so I get whiny
Precocia : well the name says it all right ?

Where will u end up b honest
 cannibalZoey posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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