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What would anda say is the funniest thing that your parent/guardian and/or teacher has ever said/done?

My mom berkata the most awesome thing ever. She was about to drop me off to school (we were in our driveway) and the radio was on and a Justin Bieber song went on. My mom heard a few lines and asked me, "Oh, sweetie, is this a Hannah Montana song? atau is it that Miley Cyrus girl?" (Oh, mom....) I told her it was a boy, Justin Bieber, and she started laughing SO HARD!! She asked how old he was and I berkata about 15, and then she just started losing it, she was cracking up!!! It went something like this "HAHA!! 15?- HASN'T EVEN HIT PUBERTY YET?!?- HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!! MILEY CYRUS-JUSTIN BIEBER!!! HAHA!!" LOL and my mom like NEVER cracks up over anything. She's one of the strictest people I know...
LOL sorry if I have offended Justin Bieber peminat-peminat LOL but it was too funny. = )
Haha, heard Nick Jonas when he was young? I listened to my iPod, had never heard the song before, and I tought: Hey, this track is really good, who's singing? Vanessa Hudgens?
Monrose posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Haha, that is hilarious. I have to check it out. = )
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 friendsfan101 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I_love_Mikey said:
Hah, well.
There are quite a few.
My science teacher looked at me the other day, and then she just says... "...are anda mentally challenged, dear?" I'm like, XD... wait... >.>

Then, my history teacher says, "Thomas Jefferson was like one of the kiddos they'd have on the Jerry Springer show. Male whores."
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