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posted by Feathershine
1. Call 911 and say someone got hit sejak a car, then tell the a Rawak address
2. Write a short story on a magical wizard named Harry
3. Get some eggs, open a window and throw them at people walking by
4. Go to your neighbors house, knock on the door, and wait till they open it. When they open it start crying and say "I'm sorry for your loss"
5. Run up to Rawak people and give them a hug
6. Jump, and try to catch the clouds
7. Roam around the neighborhood and direct cars
8. Run in circles and if someone asks anda what your doing say "I'm running about! What are anda doing?!"
9. Go through your Makanan and when your parents come buy say "gosh, their SUCH lame shoppers, they didn't even get chips!"
10. Run around the house and scream "don't mess with me! I've got myself a laza!!"
11. When there's a flock of birds outside clap your hands and watch them fly away
12. Lay in your front yard, on your stomach and pretend your swimming
13. Take toilet paper and tepee other houses
14. Run up to someone Rawak and scream "your the guy who mencuri my waffles!!"
15. Two words: bumbling moron
16.take your phone dial a Rawak number and say "is your refrigerator running? Well anda better go catch it!!" without an answer from them on the phone
17. Get tissues turn on a Rawak tunjuk on TV and start crying and scream "this is so sad I could just... Crumble up and die!!"
18. Be the monsta under the bed
19. Run around and say in a Mexican accent "woof woof, i am a dog!"
20. Bounce a ball against a ball, and make it as loud as anda can
1.always let him talk to anda about stuff he likes
2.always see what anda have in common (if anda do)
3.never wear make up around him let him see your true beauty
5.ALWAYS ask soalan about him like his kegemaran color, his kegemaran movie atau his kegemaran t.v show
6.never ever talk about your ex boyfriend they hate it (i've had experience) trust me it isn't cool
7.Always wear your kegemaran clothes and some cute clothes
8.let him do all the hand holding and arm gestures don't do a thing( if u don't then that will make him think your interested)
9.talk about your kegemaran Filem and songs
10.always make him happy no matter what mood he's in
thank anda for Membaca i hope this helps :)
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SSOOK78 (Cookie)





Hey Ozzy i got something to say to you
i can't say something mean to anda cause i'm to nice
nicer then anda in fact most people will say
yeah that's right anda heard from me right now today
your a total bitch
i don't know why we were Friends in the first place
because anda have an ugly keldai face


oh well Cookie your a real nice friend
i thought anda were my bestie seems like it has reaches it's end
you calling me ugly? go look in the mirror
cause i don't know which is lebih scary
you atau Bloody Mary
you better watch what anda say atau i'll come for...
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posted by BellaCullen96
Play with your food; to add effect, act like it's a special performance for the people at the seterusnya table.
Turn around every thirty-seven saat to the people at the seterusnya meja, jadual and ask them if your kerusi, tempat duduk is too close, if you're talking too loud, etc.
Whenever anda see someone getting up and leaving, bolt to their meja, jadual and take the tip before the wait-person returns.
Eat REALLY loud; make disgusting noises; slurp EVERY time anda take a sip of your drink.
Constantly re-adjust the positions of absolutely EVERYTHING at your table; seats, silverware, dishes, the meja, jadual itself; and make sure to make...
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posted by -SkySplitter-
Legend of Zelda Rap: sejak Smosh

Disclaimer: I don't own the lyrics.

Yeah, my name is Link, man
More well known than 'Lil Wayne
Oh anda thought my name was Zelda?
(That's a f**king girl's name!)

I've saved the world like 15 times
And saved the princess from demise
And I do it all alone
With no help and no advice

(Hey, look, listen)
Hey look listen anda f**king annoying fairy
I'd rather be forced to listen
To constant Katy Perry

I think it's about time
I got some recognition
Don't anda think
Legend of Zelda?
Screw that!
Legend of Link!

Cause he's the
L to the I to the n to the k
Wears tights everyday
Don't give...
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