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posted by hetaliaitaly
BLACK: black is protection but can also be anger of someone else atau yourself.

BLUE: blue is calming and emotional color that can be used in good times and bad times.

BROWN: brown is the earth and being close to nature and being close to others feelings.

GREEN: Green is a beauty and understanding of others choices and what happens in your mind.

GREY: grey serenity and silence of being at peace with your problem.

ORANGE: orange is change and moving ke hadapan with your life and letting go of the people that have hurt anda in the past.

PINK: merah jambu is universal Cinta atau self-love
and loving of of the people around anda and having respect in yourself.

PURPLE: purple is understanding and tolerance of others and the things anda havn't found out:

RED: red is energy and being strong enough to change for the better atau for the worst.

YELLOW: yellow is Being able to understand yourself and what your feelings are even though your understanding of things changes all the time.

WHITE: white is all Warna and has all different emotions in it also causing pain and happiness
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posted by cleo-mermaid
ok lots of people have been asking how to fo this. its easy!

ok, go to peminat pop, sign in, go to the "home page" scroll down untill anda go to the bottom..mabey a little bit up from the bottom.

kk when anda have done that....there is a button saying: "create new club/spot"
click on that...wait for it then anda have it!!!

then make sure anda dont make a club that already exists (i forget why...sorry not a big help!!) but make topic, tags, huraian and then when anda finished that...click on "edit club" (its under the banner)

then scroll down...(right down)...click on "banner" put on the banner.
just under-nieth-(sorry bout the spelling mistakes)-it says ikon put on the icon.

then your done!! (add things to it like: photos, video, answers, quizes and other stuff(things) then people will join...oh and here is the link: link
This video is very depressing, but I also believe it's very significant in regards to spreading the word about bullying. I Cinta it! But not everyone will-
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