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It's all the same
Only the names will change
It seems we're wastin' away

Another place
Where the faces are so cold
I drive all night
Just to get back home

I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead atau alive
Dead atau alive

Sometimes I sleep
Sometimes it's not for days
The people I meet
Always go their separate ways

Sometimes anda tell the day
sejak the bottle that anda drink
And times when you're alone
When all anda do is think

I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead atau alive
Dead atau alive

Ohh alright

Oh I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead atau alive

And I walk these streets
A loaded six string on my back
I play for keeps
'Cause I might not make it back

I've been everywhere
(Ohh, yeah)
And still I'm standin' tall
I seen a million faces
And I've rocked them all

'Cause I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead atau alive

‘Cause I'm a cowboy
I got the night on my side
And I'm wanted
Dead atau alive
And I ride
(And I ride)
Dead atau alive
I still drive
(I still drive)
Dead atau alive

Dead atau alive
Dead atau alive
Mm dead atau alive
Dead atau alive
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1... ask Ur teacher if u can sharpen your pen(and tunjuk your pen to them)
2... when taking attendance say here for every one.
3... when taking attendance.. tell the teacher that they berkata your name wrong and say ur name different every time.
4.. raise your hand to ask a soalan and say some thing Rawak like.. i like cheese... atau carrots are pink... atau say something obvious,,etc,,
5... raise your hand when the teacher calls Ur name say what then they say u had Ur hand up and u say no i didn't..
6... ask your teacher if u can have a bath room pass when they give it to u say never mind im all better...
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Dear Teacher:

In just over a week, anda will be my son's Grade 1 teacher. He is ever so excited to be under your tutelage. Why, since the last hari of kindergarten, entering your class was all he could talk about. He gleefully thrust a piece of paper into my hand on that June afternoon, and said, "Here's a senarai of the stuff I need for school seterusnya September!"

And I have to admit, I, too, was excited. I'm a school supplies geek from way back. And so, in early August, I set out to buy the items you'd listed.

It was on my fourth store that the realization began to sink in.

You're a crafty one, aren't...
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1. read
2. go outside
3. do ur homework
4. go around the house saying Rawak things until u cry laughing
5. continue Membaca this
6. Walk up to siblings and say Rawak things until they hit u and then say u r cracking them up
7. play cards
8. dance
9. play checkers
10.read about canadian dudes
11. hit ur siblings, run 2 mommy and say, They hit me!!!!!
12. go on utube
13.talk on phone 4 hrs.
14. go on another fanclub
15. try 2 find me on Facebook and figure out im not on, i dnt have an account
16. go on Google look up jay leno, find 15 jokes and have a 13 round comedy c ontest with ur bff
17. write on ur wall
18. write on other peoples walls
19. add Rawak people as ur fans
20. read another forum.
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