Nappa stops in mid-air.
Nappa: Vegeta!
Vegeta: What is it, Nappa!?
Nappa: I can fly.
Vegeta: (stammering) ...Yes, Nappa, yes anda can.

Vegeta: Nappa, what are anda doing?
Nappa: It's his turn, Vegeta. I have to wait for him.
Vegeta: Wha... I... uh... (nose starts to bleed)
Nappa: anda okay, Vegeta?
Vegeta: Yes... just... just having an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity.
Nappa: Wow. (beat) Didn't think anda were that stupid, Vegeta.

Vegeta: (loudly screams out of frustration) I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!! I WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED sejak A LOW-CLASS WRETCH!!!
Goku: Awww, sounds like somebody's got an ice cream headache...
Goku: Hey, that's not very nice!

Krillin: anda think anda can kill all of our Friends and threaten our lives, and just leave?!
Vegeta: ... Would anda be surprised if I berkata "yes"?

Vegeta: You... anda cut through my armor! This was a gift from my father!
Yajirobe: (frantic) I'm sorry! I'm sure your father was a great man!
Vegeta: I HATED my father!
Yajirobe: Oh well, then I'm sure your father was a total prick.
Vegeta: (punches Yajirobe square in the face) HOW DARE anda TALK ABOUT MY FATHER LIKE THAT!?!

Vegeta: Tell me something, which is your kegemaran internal organ?
Doctor Lizard: What a odd question! But if I had to choose I guess I have to say my liver.
(Vegeta's shadow walks over him and cuts away while the doctor screams in agony as Vegeta doubtlessly removes berkata liver)
Vegeta (in head): anda know, it's the simple things in life.

Vegeta: I-am-here-for-it.
Krillin: For what?
Vegeta: Dragon...ball. I...need...that-Dragonball. Give it to me. The-one-you-took. I need my wish.
Krillin: (scared) Are... anda okay?
Ghost Nappa: I think your rage broke Vegeta.
Krillin: What was that?
Vegeta: I'MNOTCRAZY!! YOU'RE CRAZY! Especially YOU, Nappa!
Ghost Nappa: Eeeeey!
Krillin: Who are anda talking t—
Vegeta: Dragonball! Hand now, please!
Krillin: Um… I don't… really… have it…
(A blood vessel bursts in Vegeta's right eye, making it turn red)
Vegeta: No...
Krillin: What?
Vegeta: (weeping Tears of Blood) No...
Krillin: Uh...
Vegeta: (bearing down on Krillin) Noooo…
(Vegeta feels Guru powering up Gohan in the distance.)
Vegeta: (snaps back to reality) Huh—ha! Where am I? (notices Krillin) Why are anda here? (Beat) Where's Nappa…?
Krillin: Didn't anda kill him?
Vegeta: (quickly) YES. OF COURSE I DID. He's dead.. Forever.

Vegeta: Alrght anda two. (close up to his mouth, and voice lowers) Strip
Krillin: What!?
Vegeta: I got anda some armour.

Vegeta: esus, I overslept. It's already night...for the first time since I got here...on a planet with three suns." (Alarm clock in his head ticks, then goes off after several seconds, equaling the moment he realizes what happened) "Oh anda motherFU-(cut back to the dragon)-CKERS!

Gohan: Wow dad? How did anda get so strong?
Goku: Well I did train in Well, I did train at 100x normal gravity.

Vegeta: Oh my god! If he used that wish for immortalty. On himself! I'M GONNA MURD-... That. Bastard!

Dr Briffs: anda want to train 100x earth's gravity? That's very dangerious.
Vegeta: Yes, I'm very hyped. Look at my nipples!.. (powers up angrily) LOOK AT THEM!!

Bulma: anda berkata anda were wearing protection!
Vegeta: I was! I was wearing my armor!

Gohan: How are Super Saiyan!?
Vegeta: (calmly) Oh, trust me. There's lebih than one way to realize the legend.
(cue flashback)
Vegeta: (tears streaming down his face) I wanna! I wanna be a Super Saiyan! I wanna! (pounding the ground like a spoiled child) IwannaIwannaIwannaIwannaIwanna—
(back in the present)
Vegeta: Pushups, situps and plenty of juice.

Goku: (weakly) Hey, Vegeta...
Vegeta: Kakarot, anda idiot. What are anda doing?
Goku: Dying, mostly.
Vegeta: Idiot.

18: How quickly bravado goes out the window when you're flat on your a**. That's pretty sad.
Vegeta: (charges) Sad for YOUUUU-
(18 kicks Vegeta, breaking his arm)
Vegeta: (calmly walks to out of the fight zone, and falls too his knees) ... FUUUUUUU-

Vegeta: Okay, what the hell am I sensing? Is that the Namekian? Is that ME?! IS THAT ME STRONGER THAN ME?! I'LL FUCKING KILL ME!!

Vegeta: The fuck's a Kami?
Krillin: Basically, God.
Trunks: Do anda really believe your own hype that much?
Vegeta: I AM THE HYPE!

Vegeta: HAH! your dad's dead!
Piccolo: So's yours!
Vegeta: HAH!

Vegeta: That's right Goku. And anda wouldn't believe just how much I trained. anda see, while I was training back there, I looked deep within myself, and-
(All Goku is hearing: Blah, blah, blah, pride! blah, blah, blah, prince of all! blah, blah. blah. Super Saiyan! Blaw, blah, blah!)
Vegeta: And through all of that, I have ascended! That's right, I have reached a new level! That's right, I'm finally! Stronger than you!
Goku: Neat!
Vegeta: FUCK YOU!!

Cell: I WANT TO BE PERFECT! I WANNA! I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA—(gets kicked face down into the ground) I WANNA! (muffled whimpering)
Vegeta: Excellent; I've broken both your body and your spirit. Time to die.

Vegeta: Boy, don't make me come up there and be a parent!
Trunks: First time for everything!
Vegeta: Oh-ho-ho!

Vegeta: They called me crazy. They ALL called me crazy!.. For letting him achieve his perfect form! Well, guess what! When I'm going to get out of here, I'm going to be so much stronger. No one will be able to stop me! Especially Cell! Right, Nappa?!
(cut to a bola tampar with a crude drawing of Nappa's face on it holding on a penyapu which falls down)
Vegeta: How... HOW DARE YOU!! (goes super saiyan) AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Krillin: Who here just thought of Freeza with boobs?
(awkward silence)
Krillin: Really? I'm the only one?
Vegeta: Yes! (thinking) He must never know.

ACTOR 1: Hey, man. Is that the last Hetap?
ACTOR 2: Yeah, and it's all mine! (a gunshot is heard) Ahh! Ahh! Oh, God! Oh, Jesus! Why?! (another gunshot is heard)
NARRATOR: Hetap. Come on, (low, evil voice) you've killed for less.
Vegeta: (thinking) That's not UNtrue...

Yamcha: So where's Vegeta during all of this, anyway?
Krillin: Oh, I'm sure he's off somewhere…
(cut to Super Saiyan Vegeta standing in the middle of a wasteland)
(wasteland explodes before cutting back to Krillin)
Krillin: …coping.

#27: (not sure if this a real one, but it would fit).
Vegeta: Anyone else tired of this shit!?
Krillin: Yeah, I agr-
Vegeta: NO! SHUT UP!!