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posted by shutyourface
don't worry this artikel is not about kambing biri-biri atau bananas it is about a lebih serious matter.

this is a Debat and i want everyone Membaca this
Penulisan a komen about what anda think is write atau wrong

so anyway

here i go

what came first

the egg

atau the chicken?

thats my Debat and i want EVERYONE who's a peminat
of Rawak to write what they think is right

and become a peminat of me and become a peminat of my

and remember

what came first
the egg
atau the chicken

i am only doing this because i have been
wondering that for ages
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Rant #1: Gender Roles / Double Standards

anda know what really boils my blood to the point of evaporation?!! Gender double standards!

Whenever a girl likes boy things such as Transformers, TMNT, atau Thundercats, she's a "super cool tomboy" atau had "girl power"!

But whenever a guy likes girl things such as My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, atau Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, he's a "weak manchild" atau he needs to "grow up"!

It drives me nuts! I mean, it's okay for girls to like boy things but it's not good at all for guys to like girl things! That's human hypocrisy at it's best people!

Gender double standards make as much sense as a hedgehog that flies into the mouth of a hawk that can shoot lasers from it's eyes which summon a three headed dragon!
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LOL I Cinta this
Family Guy
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Ladybug playing with/eating sprinkles
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