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posted by Anime_Gir1235
Ok my brother(pikachu700 his dumb self) had this crazy dream about Darla Dimple and... people here i'll tell anda that story :3
PK:were am i
*turns on lights
darla dimple: ...
darla dimple:...
PK: ok blah blah YAA *THROWS pisau AT DD
darla dimple: *teleports to PK*
PK: ಠ_ಠ
PK: *LOOKS behind*
pinkie pie: wut i tell u about goin in MAH SHED
pk: wait this is a shed ohh ok*turns all dark again
PK: not again *someone turns on light*
pinkie pie: *starts up chainsaw*
pk: oh no O_e
pinkie pie: *cuts up my guts*
al da sudden flippy breaks in 007 style
flippy: let me help u pinkie pie...
both: cuts hands
both: go's into private room
PK: hmm I HAVE DA POWER *breaks chains*
pk: wow it worked
pk: looks at private window
*both havenig sexytime
pk: walks away
pk: e_e *stabs myself*
woke up DA END NOW DIE
posted by Paice2Pacegurl
MEOW, CALIFORNIA! See? There's something deeply liberating in yelling out something random, and it makes anda think 'Hey, I don't care what anda think about me!' Go on, try it now, say something random! There we go.

The word 'random' should not be confused with weird, atau stupid. They are three very different things, and if anda don't believe me, look it up in an English Dictionary.

Obviously, some people are lebih reserved than others, and will simply not go yelling out Rawak things, but what I am trying to really say is, is to just feel free to be yourself! It's your life, so live it!
7:00 AM.Today was the day!I ran outside.A small rama-rama, taman rama-rama rests on a tiny plant.I try to catch all of them.Then,I stood frozen.It was there.A Blue jay.I haven't seen one since I was 5.I tried to get a picture.It flew away."Dang."I said.I looked at the Bunga on my shirt.Light yellow and purple flowers.I couldn't believe it.School was out.Finally!I followed the clouds to a path.A long path.I stood on the concrete.Shoes in hand.Barefoot steps.I followed the path.Then I saw them.Both of them.
Alicia and Henry.
"Guys?What are anda doing?"I asked.
"Sh!Come on."Alicia beckoned me.
I saw the door.We went...
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posted by Usui--takumi
Wish List:
His troops, led sejak four of his finest commanders wona great battle for him, and Napoleon Bonaparte was in a generous mood.
“Ask for anything and I’ll give it to you,” he berkata to the four officers who had distinguished themselves.
“I’ve always wanted a house in Paris,” berkata one of the men, a German.
“Done!” berkata Napoleon. “You’ll get a mansion in the city.”
“I’ve always desired to own a hotel,” berkata the saat officer, a Frenchman.
“Done!” berkata the emperor. “I’ll order a hotel to be telah diberi to you.”
“I’ve always wanted a brewery,” berkata the third...
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me-i ran as fast as a could i forgot there was stairs so i fall so hard i went right threw the floor and in to the basement i cant get out HELP sence i cant get out i had to explore the basement and girl/or boy anda do not want to be down there *slap fingers*

only for lebih hours and my Friends will come and get me i hope so :( i kept walking till i saw it there behind the certin as the wind was blowing it a cat that poor cat must of died of hunger i had to something so i went up to it and i could hear in a low voice but still freaky get away from MY body
there was no way i could have yelled i...
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posted by misscrazel
I am the boy who never finished high school because I got called a fag everyday.
I am the girl who was kicked out of her utama because I confided in my mother I was a lesbian.
I am the prostitute working the streets because no one will hire a transsexual woman.
I am the sister who held her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled night.
We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.
I am the man who died alone in a hospital because they would not let my partner of 27 years into the room.
I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away...
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I’m in disarray
I’m unkempt
And I Cinta anda sugar
Yeah this is what anda do
When anda run your fingers through my hair
In the morning I’m feeling like a sexy superstar

Wow, wow
You rock my party
Wanna make anda stay
You’re the only one that keeps me Singing la la la
I Cinta to smell your t-shirt
I like the way anda are
But most of all I like it, like it

I like what anda do to my hair
Who knew that looking a mess could feel so good
I like what anda do to my hair
Toss it and tease it
Run your fingers through it
Oh how anda do it

Now go and mess it up, mess it up
Baby mess it up
Mess it up, mess it up
Do it till I can’t...
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posted by canal
Hands fell on my shoulders and pulled me into an embrace. "You see Aliya, my hati, tengah-tengah beats unlike Jonathan's, Mason's , atau Kody's" he berkata his breath heavy on my neck. "Be quiet" I yelled. Heavy footsteps echoed through the house. "Aliya" many voices yelled in unison.
"A disparu sans laisser de traces, il n'en reste aucun souvenir " he said. We vanished into another room. "Just let me go" I said. "Oh how I pity you, anda pathetic thing" he berkata stroking my hair. "I'm not pathetic" I berkata pushing him back. "Do anda know how old I am" he asked. "Eighty" I made a Rawak guess. "No, not even close I'm...
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Mm, oh
I feel oh so glamorous, looking super fabulous
Sometimes I’m insecure, something I can’t ignore
All the flashy cameras, try my best to handle it
I’m just the girl seterusnya door, I can hear the rumors take off
All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
I can tell sejak the look that they want to be
Be hot, hot, hot like that
But it’s not, not, no it’s not like that
All the girls in the club got their eyes on me
They put me down ‘cause of jealousy
But I’m not, not, I’m not that girl
And it’s not, not, no it’s not my world
So many girls be checkin’ my style
Checkin’ my style, checkin’...
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posted by BurtonDeppFan
1. say your name ten times.
2. say your mom's name five times.
.........3. say your crushes three times.
4. paste this to four other groups.
...If anda do this, your crush will Ciuman anda on the nearest Friday.
......But if anda read this and do not paste this, then anda
will have very bad luck.
posted by canal
"Mason?" I whispered in his ear. "What is it?" He replyed in a soft voice. I rested my face on his shoulder "May I fall in Cinta with you?" Mason stopped and looked at me like i was crazy. "Who's going to stop you" he said. I smiled and went on playing with his hair. Mason took us back to the worn out house. "Ok only a little bit longer then anda have to get of the Mason express. "No" I moaned. He laughed and kissed my hand I used to hold onto him. After a bit lebih walking we made it to Jonathan's house. When he looked at me I shook my head. "Fine" he said.
He stopped in front of the door and...
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posted by akatsuki_lover9
The death combo
chapter 1

It was just a normal hari for Scourge. Taking care of Bloodclan. “i think I'll go hunt” mewed scourge. He walked in twolegplace, searching for something edible. When he was about to give up he saw it, a plump tupai on an empty thunderpath. He stalked it slowly. Right before he could pounce the a shadow fell on the tupai and it ran away. Scourge turned over to the one who cast the shadow. 'hey you, I was about to catch that!” but when scourge saw the one who did it he froze. It was no cat who scared off his prey. It was a strange creature. A cat sized green...
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posted by XxKeithHarkinxX
whats with the icon!
John Stamso
Uncle Jesse
who is that!
fine.... is he a pornstar...
are anda sure?
..... full house?
why do anda like him
he's sexi
exact way i'm with phillip phillips
you wanna know whos sexy...... link
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posted by hetaliaitaly
It's just so easy, for them to watch anda bleed.
You never expected them to care, so its a feeling of mystery.
Whether you're thankful for the freedom, atau hate that they don't care at all,
It's all a Lost deep feeling, and it almost hurts while anda fall.
But secretly, anda dont mind
the way anda tumble to the ground and fall.
because anda know soon anda will hit,
and the end will be waiting to be found.
But until then, the sharp will be there. The blade will be all anda need.
It's not like anyone else is there for you, so your fears and regrets are left to bleed.
Rip apart your feeling of pure imperfection,...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Here is a story of what happened when I went with my Mum to the place prom was going to be.

I was there with my two older sisters, and a guy came up to change the trash bags.
"Hey, we should stalk him and see what he does", my saat eldest sister said.
She was kidding, but I didn't care.
"Time to commence mission 118", I berkata into my wrist watch that didn't exist.
I followed him into a room down the hall, well I didn't go in. If I did he would have saw me for sure, so I hid around the corner.
He came out and walked past me, standing seterusnya to a dinding Berlakon casual.
I followed him out into a different...
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posted by gurlygurl123
Ok it was about 6:30am and i was going to my car to
go to school.Suddenly a figure pops up at my dads
bedroom window.Then it holds my stepmams phone up and it lights her eyes up.WEll i jumped back and screamed.My dad just kept looking up at the window.
Then the figure held the phone up to her ear and my dad got a phone call it was off my step mam.My dad looked up again.The figure pointed at the phone.My dad answerd it.
It was my stepmam saying i had forgotton my jumper
but the way i jumped back was histerical i like leaped back and screamed at the bahagian, atas of my lungs
posted by hetaliaitaly
When i walk to school each hari
There waiting there me
But not to tunjuk me Cinta they just want to crush My Dreams

I go and sit in class each day
Feeling out place
The people in the room with me
Wont give me one look of there face
I feel so alone at lunch
I sit sejak myself
I wear black and i dont care
I have black nails
And some peicings here and there

Sometimes they just stare at me
As if i should just die
Everywhere everyday i fight the feelings of suicide
If life has no meaning then why do i try?.
Sam was in her room listening to her "Victorious"CD.
"And one day!I'll have anda begging on your knees for me!Ya one day!I'll have anda crawling like a centipede."Sam Sung."KEEP IT DOWN!!!"Aaron yelled.
"So oh mister player,do anda feel like the man now?And I bet your nervous,'cause this song makes anda freak out."Sam whispered."SAM!YOUR FRIEND CHLOE IS HERE!"Mom yelled."Coming!!"Sam ran to the door.
"Hey Chloe whats" "Shut up,shut up for just a minute!Look at this!"Chloe interrupted."Hello to anda too?"Sam said."Go to your room!My mom showed me the Krismas gifts they'll have at school!"Chloe told...
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My Life:
I'm 18 years old,Blond hair,My name is Jade,my grandparents are dead(duh!!!)My dad was divorced!My mom really only cares about my baby brother,Matthew,and when I ask if she loves me...Well...This is what I get:
"Mom.Do anda Cinta me?" "That's nice dear,Hey can anda bring me some Medicine??"Mom would ALWAYS answer LIKE THAT!Good thing I'm gonna celebrate Krismas With my Cousin!So what if I didn't tell her!I'm still going!Already Booked a plane!Anyways!After the aftermath of My mom and her Head ache!I always went to my friend,Charlotte's apartment.Yeah!I did tonight,not much happening there.I...
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"Okay Josie,try Natalie Marlene's house,you berkata she was always saying they would kill her cause she spread s rumor,Right?"Asked Detective Joe."Yeah!Thanks again Joe!"Josie berkata as she grabbed her keys.--------------------------------------------
Josie Knocked on Natalie's door."Who IS IT?"Natalie asked."FBI OPEN THE DOOR!OR I'LL BUST IT OPEN!"Josie said.Natalie opened the door."Josie!!Did anda hear 'bout Kate?"Natalie asked.
"That's why I'm here Natalie!I Think anda killed her cause anda always berkata anda would kill her!!!"Josie Said."I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERARY!!!I don't know where she lives!"Natalie...
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