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This Rawak kertas dinding contains coklat fudge, lempeng, penkek, rapuh, gula-gula, toffee, and toffy. There might also be perpecahan, berpecah, kek lapisan es, frosted kek lapis, coklat puding, and puding coklat.

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posted by alexischaos2004
Greetings, my name is Alexis. Welcome to my world of rants. Today's rant is about YouTube and the major fuckups that dwell there. So, sertai me on this marvelous cyber adventure, as we'll encounter monsters such as Devon Sweeney, Sam Pepper, and the legendary Tupac of Youtube.

Ah... Youtube. You're one of my kegemaran websites in the entire history of the internet. The content anda tunjuk me is truly enlightening. I always watch the video anda have on display... It's just the best experience that anyone could ever ask for. I Cinta you, Youtube.

WELL NOT ENTIRELY! This video sharing website may be one...
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 Summer Vacation is almost upon me.......
Summer Vacation is almost upon me.......
hei everybody, it's Deathding here once again, and I wanted to talk about an idea that I've had for quite a while now. The series will be called "*Insert tajuk Here*......In Laymen's Terms", which will basically be me reviewing anything anda guys suggest, but in my usual comedic format.

This will not only let me find out about new things I didn't know about before, but hopefully provide some good analysis and kinda-sorta-not-really jokes along the way.

The most requested komen will be what I review, which will be either a movie, video-game, TV show, again, anything. I don't care if it's Gatorade,...
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posted by Riku114
Okay so hei there guys. This is a kind of artikel that I dont usually do, however I found this artikel that peeves me off with how stupid it is that I had to make a complaint about it. Id like to note that all of my complaints are totally 100% serious and should be taken with that. Like seriously. I never mock idiots.

But anyways. So I was randomly browsing the internet -not Fanpop komen-komen at all- and I found this atrocious artikel called "Zanhar's Rules of Shipping" and the stupidity of it made me cringe. However I dont think anda guys have ever seen this artikel and will never see it...
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mad father
the witches house
posted by KristineGiangan
Have anda ever experience that anda don't have any Friends ? loner ? Ano ba talaga ng Friendships ?

Diba ang kaibigan laging na diyan sa tabi mo? Hindi ka nila iiwan at higit sa lahat lagi mong karamay .

What if ang mga kaibigan mo ay nakasala sayo ?
Papatawarin mo sila ulit . Pero ayaw naman ng mama mo . na makipagkaibiganka ulit sa kanila . Sila lang yung mga kaibigan mo since elementary hanggang naging High School ka .

Ano ba dapat gawin ? Susundin mo mama atau Kaibigan nalang ang pipiliin mo ?

Kaibigan dapat ipapaglalaban . Kung hindi mo alam ang gagawin mo dapat maaliwasan mo muna ang isapan mo....
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posted by Kswifty13
ok people let get this good because if anda like him anda will regret it for ever he was making people do things for his good and he told me to lie about my age when the bible says do not lie that is not good to lie

this is the truth and i am not lieing trust me
anda can ask me anything anda do get

so if anda do not believe me and all that send me something and ask me anything what anda do not get in Penulisan just do not over do it

do not peminat this person are anda will be put up to things anda will not want to do

dont dont dont
thank anda and good bye
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posted by nikkibellafan02
This is for the Nyackers contest
Chorus: because u know I'm all about that bass, bout that bass no teble, I'm all about that bass bout that bass, no teble I'm all about that bass bout that bass No teble I'm all about that bass bout that bass no teble I'm all about that bass bout that bass. Yeah It's pretty clear I ain't a Juicy piece of meat but I'll let u eat it eat Like your suppose to do cause I go boom boom whenever U say berkata and all the right things in all the right spots. I see that guy over there hollerin hear juicy juicy If u got that booty booty just turn around cause every ounce of...
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There was once a kid on here sejak the name of Zackkem who had some pretty cool content on here. he had Like bahagian, atas ten tinjauan-tinjauan and other awesome things but the main thing was that he was a HUGE peminat of one Ariana Grande and I think that it was wrong for Fanpop to Suspense him. So If u guys read this artikel please Help Campaign to get him back anyway possible. Also he was a pretty cool guy to talk to. Also if u guys don't mind Please contact Fanpop to ask what qualifies an account for suspension. Some of his bahagian, atas ten tinjauan-tinjauan Included Fave Tv actor, Fave female artist, fave reality show,fave movie actor, fave reality star, and fave song.
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