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 What they really stand for
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Some of the many things the dumb 21 faced bitches say in my class i am in tahun 8 yeah i berkata it tahun eight they act like deh 18 atau sumtin most of dem will become prozies

1. oh look at us were so bad cuz we smoke weed..WTF
2. so did u Ciuman atau snog Ciuman oh ur boringgg
3. rememba my so called friend gave blahblah a blow job she was serious she told me nt 2 tell bt im tellin EVRi 1
4. i Cinta anda i wanna be wid u 4 eva oh yh me 2 Ciuman kisssy... UR 12!!!
5 oh im gonna bang anda oh come den fight fight fight oh no i broke a nail oh did u im sorry friend yh 4eva bfff
7. i Lost my virginty ooh yh she abused...
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