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 Floral kertas dinding
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kertas dinding
ceri, cherry blossom
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This Rawak kertas dinding contains bunga kamelia, camelia, sejambak, korsase, karangan bunga, seikat bunga, american express, posy, nosegay, merah jambu, merah jambu taman, pink, and taman merah jambu.

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Every clip from episodes of Arthur where D.W. has screamed when she's been freaked out atau scared.xD
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1. “I Cinta your physique. anda must be very strong.”
Boys are very sensitive when it comes to their strength. Complimenting them on their body will boost up their self-esteem and anda will become an instant hit for them. However, make sure anda don’t use this on every saat guy.2. “Have we met before atau do anda have any hot twin brother out there?”
This goes without saying. Which guy wouldn’t like to be called ‘hot’?3. “Are anda going to ask me out, atau do anda like it when the girl makes the first move?”
This line is witty and very flattering. However, use it only when anda are absolutely sure that the guy is interested in you.4. “You are just so funny. anda always manage to crack me up”
Guys like it when a girl tells them that she finds them funny. It makes them feel good about themselves.5. “You hardly find good looking boys with brains out here. Are anda an alien?”
Praise him for his wit and he’ll be yours just in a blink!