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This Rawak foto might contain jalan, tempat kejadian bandar, tetapan bandar, menetapkan, bandar tempat kejadian jalan perbandaran, bandar, hoover, vakum, and pembersih vakum.

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OK,everyone.The reason anda were going to explode if anda didn't click this is because we're gonna have a contest!!!WHO CAN POST THE MOST Rawak VIDEO atau PICTURE???????!!(You could also post komen-komen seterusnya to your picture atau video to describe what's going on,or even captions!Same rules apply below.But anda don't HAVE to post komen-komen atau captions seterusnya to it if anda don't want to.It's completly opitional.)If anda post just a komen atau caption and no picture atau video,by the way,it will not count and anda won't have a shot at winning.Sorry!
Here are the rules:
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60 soalan People Dont Ask Survey from Quizopolis.com

When's the last time anda ran? - Today in th hallways at school.
Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them? - Nope.
What are anda dreading right now? - Carrying Crush cans utama tomorrow.
Do anda celebrate 420? - Celebrate what?
Do anda get the full 8 hours of sleep a night? - Nope.
If anyone came to your house on your "lazy days" what would ya'll do? - Depends. Who is it and what do they want?
Who last grabbed your ass? - Nobody.
Have anda ever been on your school's track team? - Nope.
Do anda own a pair of Converse? - Yep.
Did anda copy and paste...
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Sel found out the awful news while she attending a konsert in L.A., and immediately left to go home.
Selena Gomez's mom Mandy had a miscarriage this weekend. It's really sad news.

A miscarriage means something went wrong with Mandy's pregnancy and she Lost the baby. Selena had officially announced she was going to be a big sister just three weeks earlier.

Sel found out the awful news while she attending a konsert in L.A., and immediately left to go home. She canceled some of her upcoming concerts too.

Demi immediately sent a tweet to Selena saying "I Cinta you." Selena's going to need Friends like Demi to get her through this tough time.

Let's hope Selena and her family make it through this difficult time.

Selena Gomez's mom Mandy had a miscarriage this weekend. It's really sad news.
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No stretch marks, no worrying about your diet, anda can get on every ride in carowinds, and other amusement parks

If anda wanna gain a little weight all anda have to do is stuff your face!! Burgers, fries, shakes...Everything!!!

No hating to try on clothes. No getting embarrassed when someone asks anda what your size is atau how much anda weigh. No hating to look at yourself in the mirror

I mean when anda think of women anda think of Petite. Right??

I don't wanna offend someone, curbs are great! And all women are beautiful! But for me as an indivisual, it'd be easier to just be skinny lol
if someone is annoying you, just say "they're not even worth my time."

if someone is making anda upset, just say "look how carless and mean he/she/they are/is."

if someone doesn't believe you, just say "i can't do anything to change your mind."

if someone doesn't like the way anda are, atau they want to change something about you, say "i didn't make myself like this. this is how i was born. take me as i am, atau don't accept me at all."

if someone is bullying anda for "no reason", it's because they like you, atau is jealous of you, atau it's the spirits clashing.
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Here's a breakdown of the most searched "real names" on Yahoo! over the past week. Surprisingly!..

1. Martin Sheen real name (Ramon Estevez)

2. Lady Gaga real name (Stefani Germanotta)

3. Triple H real name (Paul Michael Levesque)

4. Meat Loaf real name (Marvin Lee Aday)

5. Nate Dogg real name (Nathaniel Hale)

6. Charlie Sheen real name (Carlos Estevez)

7. merah jambu real name (Alecia Moore)

8. Nicki Minaj real name (Onika Tanya Maraj)

9. Judy Garland real name (Frances Ethel Gumm)

10. Flo Rida real name (Tramar Dillard)

11. Miley Cyrus birth name (Destiny Hope Cyrus)

12. Katy Perry real name (Katheryn Hudson)...
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when i think i know everything about YouTube i see this..
hstsune miku
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Don't let them catch you.
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