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What's Warming the World?



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So, I myself believe in climate change and everything.
However, this chart visual only establishes the correlation between greenhouse gasses, "human factors", and climate change. It fails to establish causation.
So, I think I will go ahead and fill in that hole while I'm here.
Many people will try to tell you that greenhouse gasses aren't causing global warming, but that global warming is causing greenhouse gasses. This actually has some scientific basis. There are lots of greenhouse gasses dissolved in the oceans. The funny thing about gasses, is just like how a soda looses fizzyness when left at room temperature for a long period of time, carbon dioxide and other gasses will fall out of solution in the oceans and will escape to the atmosphere.
However, this segment of this wikipedia article addresses this false claim.­ing­_co­ntr­ove­rsy­#Gr­een­hou­se_­gas­es
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^Good point, and yeah you're right. For causation, it must be known which one proceeds the other. But like that link points out, (presumably, coz the lil' bitch doesn't seem to be working for me), the science suggests that temperature change follows CO2 rise, not that CO2 rise follows temperature change. Thanks for addressing that. The infographic only refuted other arguments like orbital change and solar temperature (jfc I see this one a lot), not that particular one.

Still gonna throw it at anyone who tries to argue those particular age-old, countlessly-refuted, BS "alternative explanations" though.

The problem is, even when you throw deniers all the data in the world and their arguments implode, the goalposts suddenly shift and it's all "yeah but the data is made up, coz conspiracy". It's like arguing with a brick wall.

Lol the fizzy drink analogy is making me remember all the equilibria stuff in year 11 chemistry which I was shit at xD
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