Rawak What would anda do on a rainy day?

Pick one:
sit around and eat chips
pet an gajah
i like geekmeister34. i think she's purty.
invent a telephone
Go outside and play in the puddles :]
Added by twilovers
have Friends ova and do the chicken dance
fanpop. fanpop. FANPOP!
Added by hellgirl223
haha.... rain.......
Added by bozofood159
YouTube is the choise for me (and fanpop)
practice my rain dance and slap people with a wet noodle
Added by i_luvv_jb
Watch TV
Added by Sylarfan
Sleep in atau go on Fanpop.
Sleep in atau go on Fanpop.
Added by zanesaaomgfan
Fanpop, Facebook atau twilight
Added by hettycool
Go find a Rawak strange to murder. Preferably a...
Go find a Rawak strange to murder.Preferably a twilight peminat
Sings along to the Muzik
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