Rawak If anda could live in any Fantasi world/place, where would it be?

Pick one:
Hogwarts- Harry Potter
Ponyville- My little kuda, kuda kecil
Kanto Region- Pokemon
Camp Half-blood- Percy Jackson
Los Santos - Grand Theft Auto 5
Added by Mollymolata
Middle-earth - Lord of the Rings/Tolkein
Added by fanfly
Rapture - Bioshock
Added by snakemanfan
cendawan Kingdom - Mario
Added by EgoMouse
Asgard - Thor
Added by ITF
Enchanted Forest (Once Upon A Time)
Added by zanhar1
Leaf village/Kohana - Naruto
Added by x-Yumi-x3
Johto Region- Pokemon
Added by Nick3600
Ooo - Adventure time
Added by True-Finn-Fan
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