Rawak What would be the best way to make Fanpop Mehr active / popular?

Pick one:
Yell at the admins for change
A Fanpop link on every site, mass promotion!
Mehr funny things
Threaten people to Mitmachen Fanpop
Digging deep in a user's past and starting drama
Searching for new things to implement
Mehr walls. All the walls.
Promote healthy discussions
Break Du enemy's sanity, conflicts ensue
Meh, it's all for naght. There's no way to salvage Fanpop.
Just be a peminat until death comes.
Spam Mehr characters
A better chat / messenging system
Idk...cry more? ;w;
Site games
Improve the keseluruhan site look
Get people to join.
Get people to join.
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 EgoMouse posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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