Rawak kegemaran Thing to read?

Pick one:
Informational Newspaper Articles(such as &# 34; How to...
Informational Newspaper Articles(such as "How to mow your lawn")
Sports Newspaper Articles(such as &# 34; Penn State&# 39; s...
Sports Newspaper Articles(such as "Penn State's winning streak!")
Comics in Newspape- r(such as &# 34; Snoopy and Charlie...
Comics in Newspaper(such as "Snoopy and Charlie Brown")
Graphic Novels(Pi- ctures, little text, speech...
Graphic Novels(Pictures, little text, speech bubbles)
Romance Novels(Like &# 34; Water For Elephants&# 34;)
Romance Novels(Like "Water For Elephants")
Historic Novels(Such as Diary of Annabeth...
Historic Novels(Such as Diary of Annabeth Jackson-1845)
Teen Magazine- s(Such as &# 34; Seventeen&# 34; atau J- 14)
Teen Magazines(Such as "Seventeen" atau J-14)
Kids Magazine- s(Such as the Nick Mag)
Kids Magazines(Such as the Nick Mag)
Text Messages(Such as &# 34; Hi, how r u?- Steven&# 34;)
Text Messages(Such as "Hi, how r u?-Steven")
My Stories I write(such as &# 34; I Cinta anda Scooby...
My Stories I write(such as "I Cinta anda Scooby Doo-by Janie Lee")
Funny Novels(Such as Diary of A Wimpy Kid)
Funny Novels(Such as Diary of A Wimpy Kid)
Cinta Letters/ notes(Such as &# 34; I Cinta u&# 34;)
Cinta Letters/notes(Such as "I Cinta u")
Friends notes(Such as &# 34; Can u hang out on tues?&# 34;)
Friends notes(Such as "Can u hang out on tues?")
All of the above
All of the above
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