Alright, I'm Penulisan a Repo! Fanfiction and since I can't get it on the Fanfiction website, I'm Penulisan it on here. It's about Rotti getting remarried and the new wife has a 14 tahun old girl named Bella and Pavi and Luigi really take a shine to her, if anda know what I mean! Enjoy!

"Children, I have a surprise for you", Rotti Largo said. "Is it a new surgery"?, Amber asked. "Is it a new knife"?, Luigi asked. "Is it a new Gentern"?, asked Pavi. "No, none of anda are correct.,said Rotti. I got remarried and anda have a new mother and a new little sister". "DAD WHAT THE FUCK?!", exclaimed the three Largo children(they weren't mad about their father getting remarried, they were mad about the new sister). "I thought having a new sister would teach anda responsibility". "Well, at least I have someone to boss around"., berkata Amber. "That's the spirit! berkata Rotti. Now, meet your new mother and sister"! Just then, two figures stepped into view. "This is your new mother, Sienna, and your new sister, Isabella. "You can call me Bella"., Bella said. Bella was a 14 tahun old girl with long black hair and pale white skin. She had electic blue eyes and long eyelashes."Where's my room?", Bella asked. "It's upstairs. Your new siblings will tunjuk you.",Rotti said. "Lets go!", Pavi berkata quickly. "So,kid, berkata Luigi(as soon as they were out of the earshot of Rotti and Sienna) how old are you?" "14",replied Bella. "Are anda a virgin?", Luigi asked. "Luigi!,said Amber.Don't worry about him. He's always like that. I suspect male menopause." "Men don't get menopause sister!",Luigi shot back. "I see no men, only puny little boys.",Amber replied cleverly.Luigi pulled out his knife. Amber was ready for this. She ducked as Luigi tried to stab her. "Ha! anda missed!",Amber said. "I'll get anda later.",Luigi muttered. "Is it always like this around here?",Bella asked. "You don't know the half of it.",Pavi said.

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