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This Repo! The Genetic Opera foto might contain potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

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She stared into the vanity before her. A woman with long, wavy, brunette hair looked back. Magdalene Defoe, atau Blind Mag, was preparing for her final konsert before "officially retiring" from GeneCo, the biotech company she had been contracted to for the past 17 years. Being GeneCo's Voice had taken its toll on the soprano. A commodity, free advertisement that Rotti Largo, GeneCo's head, flaunted about as it suited him. Suddenly enraged, the singer thumped her fist against the oak top, upsetting a few cosmetic items. Well, she was damned tired of it! Mag wanted to be freed of her cage to spend...
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posted by Repo-girl
Alright, I'm Penulisan a Repo! Fanfiction and since I can't get it on the Fanfiction website, I'm Penulisan it on here. It's about Rotti getting remarried and the new wife has a 14 tahun old girl named Bella and Pavi and Luigi really take a shine to her, if anda know what I mean! Enjoy!

"Children, I have a surprise for you", Rotti Largo said. "Is it a new surgery"?, Amber asked. "Is it a new knife"?, Luigi asked. "Is it a new Gentern"?, asked Pavi. "No, none of anda are correct.,said Rotti. I got remarried and anda have a new mother and a new little sister". "DAD WHAT THE FUCK?!", exclaimed the three...
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