Robert Pattinson itunes Celebrity Playlist

"C-Jam Blues" sejak Oscar Peterson: "What I learned how to play blues Piano riffs from. Peterson was the best."

"Soldier Sender" sejak John Lee Hooker: "If I could have a song as a wife..."

"Soft" sejak Kings of Leon: "I've always thought that I really relate to the lyrics of this even though I don't really know what they are. I Cinta the singer's enunciation in all their songs. They are pretty much the only modern band I can say I am a peminat of."

"Cold Sweat" sejak James Brown: "This song hits me just as hard every time I've heard it since I was a little kid and I listened to James Brown on the way to school."

"Dean" sejak Terry Reid: "I Cinta Terry Reid. I Cinta the schizophrenic decisions he makes towards the end of this song when he's choosing what notes to sing.Terry Reid was just one of those guys like James Brown who when they got into a groove, it just seemed like they'd want to keep Singing the same line, let alone the same song, all night."

"Stepping Out Queen, Pt. II" sejak van Morrison: "Another guy who has such a visionary and unique take on what structure in songwriting is, what Singing is, and what can be achieved emotioanlly and spiritually through music."

"Lengths" sejak The Black Keys: "Another new band I like. This is a beautiful song. I like how it's produced. This whole album is great."

"One Mo'gin" sejak D'Angelo: "I Cinta D'Angelo. I used to always try and sing like him when I was younger and embarrassingly fail. I like his pronunciation when he sings. I think when anda try and write lyrics and anda think that there is no way the listener will figure out what you're saying atau what anda mean, anda write much lebih honestly. I think."

"Blue Monday People" sejak Curtis Mayfield: "Got inspired sejak putting D'Angelo on. This whole album is amazing. The production on it is incredible. A really interesting album which not a lot of people listen to. Don't know why."

"Brown trout, ikan trout Blues" sejak Johnny Flynn: "I grew up with some amazing musicians in London who are still my friends. Marcus Foster, Bobby Long and Sam Bradley are recording their albums now, but Johnny Flynn completed his one a while ago. I just saw him play in L.A. and he was incredible. But he's always been incredible so I can't say I was surprised. Get this album it's great and no one else does Muzik like him at all."

"Ambulance Blues" sejak Neil Young: "One of the most moving songs ever written atau recorded. I used to listen to the line 'I guess I'll call it sickness gone' on repeat for hours when I wanted to try and write something."

"A Whiter Shade of Pale" sejak King Curtis: "Just a beautiful song. Reminds me of the end of Withnail and I."

"Ruby's Arms" sejak Tom Waits: "My kegemaran Tom Waits song. I cry almost every time I hear it. Plays over an amazing scene in one of my kegemaran Filem too - Prenom Carmen."

"(First) Essay for Orchestra, Op. 12" sejak Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Yoel Levi: "This song just hurts, it's so beautiful."

"T.B. Sheets" sejak van Morrison: "Only Vam Morrison can do a performance like this. No one else has come close."