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This Robert Pattinson foto contains hunk. There might also be six pack, abs, ab retak, perut rata, enam pek, perut yang rata, kulit, skintone, bogel berwarna, dengan telanjang separa, bogel tersirat, kulit skintone aurat berwarna, and separa bogel.

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The 23-year-old heartthrob opened up to MTV about his forthcoming sex scene in romantic weepie Remember Me.

Pattinson, who stars opposite Emilie De Ravin, had a chuckle about getting hot and heavy on camera after the costume department forgot to buy a "modesty patch" to cover the Twilight star's groin.

"They had to, like, tape it and stretch [a bra] around into my keldai crack. It was quite funny. It's all very glamorous," berkata Pattinson.

He added that a few "props" were added for them to experiment with.

"Allen Coultner [the director] gave us this whole kind of lecture about how to feel 'safe', I've...
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THE tunjuk

I now know lebih about Robert Pattinson than you. Where did my life go so wrong?

Fun Fact*: Robert Pattinson is a founding member of the group Fishbone.

Robert Pattinson: actor, lover, grower of hair. The moment "Twilight" moped, basikal berenjin into theaters in 2008, RPattz was branded an icon. Granted, his Berlakon had nothing to do with his popularity; instead, Pattinson is the latest heartthrob du jour, deified sejak a foaming horde of screamy tween peminat-peminat and their loveless-marriage mothers. Pattinson has become a worldwide sensation, all due to his choice role as Edward Cullen, the vampire who sulks,...
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