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There were times when i was in Cinta with Daniel Radcliffe.He was my Hero at those times!I Loved him so much,When i saw Rob first time in Goblet of Fire,i hated him.I berkata every one that [i]"See this Boy,He looks very bad.How can anyone compare him with my Dan?[i]I hated him and i think ed that he is an ugly boy!! But Now ,things are changed; i also don't know that how i fall in Cinta with that ugly boy and now no one is handsome for me than him!!He is like my World!!I Cinta him So Much!!that i can't explain my Cinta for him sejak any means.I don't know how it happened;from dan to Robert Pattinson.I think it happened after watching Twilight;may be atau may not be.
Had this also happened with you?If YES,then plz Comment.And if,NO then say something about it!!
posted by edwardcarlisle
 Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) walking through Hogwarts with Cho Chang (Katie Leung)
Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) walking through Hogwarts with Cho Chang (Katie Leung)
While Harry Potter:

"The cemetery scene was the bit I was most looking ke hadapan to doing... No one has died in it so it's always going to be the first death in Harry Potter. It was cool, one of the best parts of the part I think."

"I get on really well with Katie [Leung], she's a really cool girl... I dance with her, and there's a lot of scenes like holding hands and stuff like that."

"I hadn't done a film atau a part that big before so it was interesting. Working with like the best actors in England, the most famous actors, it was really fun, really exciting."

After Harry Potter:

"I realised I needed to learn some of the fundamentals - like how to act."

"My best Berlakon experience was The Haunted Airman for BBC2. I play a World War Two pilot who gets paralysed. He gets terrible shellshock and basically goes insane. It's a great part."
 Rob as Toby Jugg in The Haunted Airman
Rob as Toby Jugg in The Haunted Airman
posted by AliceHaleCullen
1. Ask him if he thinks Edward Cullen is hot.
2. Accuse him of self-hatred when he says no.
3. Ask him to bite you… again
4. Ask him why he doesn’t like children
5. Cry when he tries to explain
6. Ask him if he thinks Kristen Stewart is hot
7. Ask him if he’s Team Edward atau Jacob
8. Ask him if he needs to come out of the closet… just ‘cause
9. Ask him if he thinks Vampires and Serigala Jadian (or ‘shape-shifters’) are real
10. Set his pillows on fire
11. Tell him he doesn’t sleep when he yells at you
12. Ask him how his ‘hair porn’ video is coming
13. Look offended when he laughs
14. Run...
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I like this other XD
Robert Pattinson
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