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i'm really sorry for happen to those kids in conecticcut . At sandy hook elementary school this almost made me cry >>>>3 this vevo
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One hari anda were over your best friend, Jacob's house, when the doorbell rung. A few saat later Jacob opened the door, there stood the one and only Chresanto August from the boy band Mindless Behavior. When Chresanto walked into the living room, he sat seterusnya to anda and berkata "Hey, (your name)!!!", and then anda shyly berkata "Hi, Chresanto." Without looking at him, then Jacob came in the room looking awkward. A few minit later Jacob asked "So...Why did anda come over without letting me know anda were coming?", "Came over un-invited because I needed to talk to anda about something. " Chresanto said, then Jacob asked "OK Then...So what did anda have to talk to me about? ", the seterusnya thing anda know Chresanto looked anda and whispered something in Jacob's ear. To Be Continued...

Should I keep going atau nahhhhhh?
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