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 One of my favourite places in telepax.
One of my favourite places in telepax.
The seterusnya two days were just a load of filler....Because it will be impossible for me to describe telepax to you....and it's impossible for anda to imagine it. (not without visiting it, anyway.)

The closest anda could come to even covering the first few cubic meters is to imagine your greatest fantasy. So, I'm going to skip the seterusnya few days and go onto the parts anda actually interested in. anda can thank me later.
I was trudging along the silk-white snow one morning before dawn, starting to trail up the steep-spiral path to the mountain peek.
I was going to sit at the bahagian, atas to watch the sun rise,...
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Ok, so this isnt that christmassy, but the Muzik video is and it has a lovely christmassy vibe to it! merry christmas! :)
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Hope u don't cry after after listening 2 this...
Christina Aguilera
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 Never forget who anda are, little star... Shining brighter than all stars in the sky...
Never forget who you are, little star... Shining brighter than all stars in the sky...
AN: And here's chapter two of Lorinna's story ^^ Before I begin, I would just like to thank Elie_Star and pandawinx for their amazing and encouraging comments. Thank anda both so much.


Lorinna couldn't believe what she had just done. She touched Gisborne. No, worse than 'touch' she-- Sexually touched him. Her mind was a whirl. What if someone from the gang saw? What if Vasey saw? Either way, one of them would be in big trouble. It's that damn drumming in my head-- That's what made me do it. She berkata in her head, but something...
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 Mercedes may have been a cat shape-shifter with cat ears and tail, but she really has a big heart!
Mercedes may have been a cat shape-shifter with cat ears and tail, but she really has a big heart!
The thought of stealing burnt my mind. I wanted the lipstick, but i didnt want to take some elderly guys watch!
Thinking about it though, i never understood why watches were so expensive, a whole magixsillian! (equivilent to earth money- £/$ 250.) After all, all it did was tell the time, he wouldnt miss it- would he?

I creeped up to him, trying to picture myself Bloom, simply stealing a dangerous spell from some warlocks atau wizards, but i couldnt help but transform myself into an evil spy for Icy and her two little sisters, taking away a defenceless civillians powers.
I slipped the watch off...
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It was very to pick- vibbie is such a complex character! but i choose this because she has a tina turner voice and the song starts off all innocent and then sejak the end its really energetic! sound familiar? tina turner- proud mary- just dance 2.
AN: So, as sejak popular demand I am now presenting anda all with my peminat fiction on Lorinna. As anda know, she is a potty mouth so there will be some foul language in this series. Also, there will be a lot of violence and gore, but romance eventually will creep it's way into this story. So, without further ado, please enjoy the beginning of this series.


"Oh Robert, anda make me feel like the luckiest woman on this Earth." A woman mused, patting the side of her husbands face. "Really? Well not I must be one hell of a catch then."...
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The carriage that houses Lorinna, Zoe and Midna, waddled it's way towards a small manor. Lorinna couldn't believe how quickly her luck had changed: One minit she was a slave, the seterusnya she was being taken into a small manor sejak the countess of Spain. She bit her lip as they approached the manor, worrying slightly about what was to come: No one could be this nice without some other alternate motive.

The carriage rocked ke hadapan at a halt as the door swung open to let the three woman walk into the manor.

Lorinna made her skittish way towards the door of the manor, and hesitated slightly when Midna...
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I Cinta THIS SONG! And it kind of reminded me of spirtz...Somewhere deep down...
 Midna - Lorinna's Savior
Midna - Lorinna's Savior
AN: Yes, from now on I will be updating my peminat fiction much lebih quickly than before. As I've berkata earlier, I am terribly sorry for making chapter 4 come out so damn late. And I'm glad that some people have already thanked me for publishing it ^^ So, I thank those who are still Membaca and commenting on my story (Because if anda didn't, I'd just stop.) and here's chapter five. Enjoy everyone.


Dead. That's how she felt right now. Completely dead, void of life. No emotions seem to be going through her body at all, and she never moved...
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AN: I just want to say to everyone how terribly sorry I am for making this chapter be published so late. I've been very busy for the past few weeks, and a few things have occurred that put me off of writing. But, I'm back and I hope this chapter (And the next!) will quench the anguish you've all endured to read this following chapter. Enjoy.


The three big words that Lorinna had just berkata to him first went through his ear and out. He didn't even know she berkata anything that preposterous, until she repeated the question:...
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