Announcer: Ladies, and gentlemen, we are proud to present the very first peminat fiction on this club sejak SeanTheHedgehog. The following is from 2012. It's the very first Sonic peminat fiction he wrote. It has been rated PG-13 for violence, and foul language.

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

It seems like a regular day, but then someone runs sejak at 500 miles an hour.

Sonic: Tails, anda read me?
Tails: Loud and clear, whats up?
Sonic: We should be getting towards Robotnik's army base.
Sean The Hedgehog.

Sean: I'm already there.
Tails: I see you.
Sean: Any word on Knuckles?
Sonic: No.
Sean: What about the others?

Inside the base

Knuckles: I can't believe they destroyed our intercom
Espio: Are there any other ways we can talk to them?
Rouge: No
badnik: I've spotted them
Espio: *jumps on badnik*
Knuckles: Nice work *runs into room*
Sean: Nice to see anda guys
Espio: Great to see anda to
Knuckles: Lets go find Robotnik
Sean: I found the others and we're searching for Robotnik
Sonic: Any injuries?
Sean: None of them are injured
Tails: I'll give anda air support
Sonic: I'll wait sejak your car
Sean: Sounds good.

A few minit later Robotnik is found, but he uses Chaos Control to escape. Only, he brought Sonic and his Friends with him.

Rouge: Where the hell are we?
Sean: I know this place. Were in St. Louis
Sonic: You've been here before?
Sean: Yeah, a lot of times.
Espio: tunjuk us something
Sean: See that over there? *points at gateway arch*
Tails: What is that?
Knuckles: It's an arch
Sean: Not just any arch, the gateway arch.
Rouge: Thats a wierd name.
Rawak human: What are anda supposed to be?
Sean: None of your business, go away
Rawak human: ok *walks away*
Robotnik: *shoots at Sonic, but misses*
Sonic: anda trying to kill me?
Robotnik: Whaat? No *Throws gun away*
Sean: Do anda even know where anda sent us?
Robotnik: It says we are in the planet earth
Sean: Be lebih specific dumbass
Robotnik: St. Louis, Missouri
Knuckles: If anda didn't have the thing you're in, anda wouldn't know
Sean: He would probably find out anyway

Then Sean starts having a thought about what would happen if Robotnik found out sejak asking someone

Robotnik: Where am I?
Hat guy: First of all anda should know where anda are, and second, anda have a huge mustache!
Robotnik: The bigger the better :D
Hat guy: I'm gonna go now
Robotnik: *leaves St. Louis then goes back in* It says I'm in Missouri! YES! I KNOW WHERE I AM NOW!!
tall guy: It just says welcome to Missouri, calm down

Back at Reality

Robotnik: I'm going now *leaves*
Tails: I think we all know whats going to happen next.

An explosion is heard

Robotnik: Hello everyone of uuh, *reads screen* St. Louis, Missouri! I am really interested in your city, and that is why I want to take it over!
Sean: There is no way he's taking this city!
Espio: Lets go and stop him

sejak the time Sonic and his Friends arrive at Robotnik's location, he killed seven people, and destroyed two cars.

Robotnik: Give me this city now!
Police captain: Shoot him
Police officers: *shoot Robotnik, one bullet hits him.*
Robotnik: Ach! Watch what anda do with those things! *fires back*

After Robotnik kills the police officer, Sonics team arrives.

Sonic: anda can't take this place without attacking us!
Robotnik: Sure I can, so I will *shoots at Sonic*
Sonic: You'll have to shoot faster then that to kill me
Robotnik: Then I'll kill your cousin!
Sean: Oh no anda don't *jumps towards Robotnik, and knocks him down.
Robotnik: *Falls into the middle of the street* I still have this! *pulls out shotgun*
Sean: *grabs .44 and shoots Robotnik in the foot.*
Robotnik: *drops gun, and lays down.* Jesus christ that hurts!
Tails: *cough* Pussy!
Knuckles: Just be thankful I didn't shoot you! I would've shot anda in the head
Robotnik: *climbs into flying machine and flies away*
Sonic: He won't go far. Tails, Rouge anda fly after him, the rest of anda follow me!
Sean: Too bad I don't have my car
Espio: anda use it too much anyway
Rouge: You've got a gun don't you?
Tails: No, do you?
Knuckles: *flies toward Robotnik*
Espio: I forgot he could do that
Sean: I think Knux forgot that to
Robotnik: Shit they're catching up!

As Tails gets into Robotnik's machine he grabs his enemy's head, and slams it on the door

Sean: I don't know why he is doing that
Espio: He's hurting him right?
Robotnik: Stop that!
Tails: Send us back!
Robotnik: NEVER!
Sonic: *jumps into machine* Nice work Tails
Espio: This can't go well for Robotnik
Sean: How can it? He had his head hit a door numerous times.
Robotnik: *shoots Tails and jumps*
Sonic: *jumps after him*
Robotnik: ooh *lands in water*
Sonic: OH SHIT!!
Rouge: I got anda *grabs Sonic*
Sean: Saved sejak my girlfriend
Robotnik: Where did Sonic go?
Espio: I think he Lost track of Sonic.
Tails: I'll go get him.
Sean: Don't get shot again!
Tails: *gives Sean the finger*
Knuckles: Never saw him do that.
Sonic: Right.
Robotnik: *Swimming to Illinois side of river*
Tails: *grabs Robotnik* Where do anda think you're going?
Sean: I think I'll use my senapang *grabs sniper rifle*
Rouge: Why do anda need that?
Sean: Just in case
Robotnik: *squirms in Tail's grip*
Tails: Stop that! *Drops Robotnik*
Sean: *Shoots at Robotnik, but misses*
Robotnik: *lands on big rig*
Sean: After him *Runs after Robotnik*
Robotnik: If only I could stop him.
Tails: But anda can't *pushes Robotnik*
Robotnik: Damn, Chaos Control!
Sonic: Since when could he do that?
Sean: Who cares? Lets try and and find him!

Sonic and his Friends didn't know that Robotnik went back to Mobius to get some badniks, weapons, machines, ammo, and Shadow.

Robotnik: Shadow, where are you?
Shadow: I'm here
Robotnik: Get all the badniks. We are invading St. Louis
Shadow: I'm on it
Snively: Where is this city?
Robotnik: You'll see.

Half an jam passes, and Sonic is relaxing with his cousin. The rest of their group is also with them

Rouge: Why would Robotnik want this shitty city?
Sean: What's so shitty about St. Louis?!
Sonic: Will anda two stop? St. Louis doesn't look appealing.
Sean: Why are we here then? anda can just use fucking chaos control, and end up back at Mobius.
Rouge: None of us have a chaos emerald.
Knuckles: What? I have one

As a train passes sejak Robotnik soon returns with his army.

Robotnik: Give us St. Louis atau die!
Citizens: Run!!
Shadow: *kills people* Attack!
Badniks: *attacking everything*
Robotnik: These people are wimps
Shadow: Hold your fire! I want that car. *Points at a yellow '69 Dodge Charger.*
Robotnik: Then get it. Run people over with it.
Shadow: I'm not wrecking the car anda imbecule.
Robotnik: You'll just get bloodstains on it, so what?
Knuckles: *jumps on some badniks and hits Shadow*
Shadow: STALL THEM!! I'm getting that car
Sean: What is that car?
Shadow: *brings car to Mobius, and soon returns*
Robotnik: Where was we?
Tails: What?
Badniks: *shoot at sonic, but miss*
Sonic: *jumps on several badniks and Robotnik*
Shadow: FIGHT ME
Sean: Ok *attacks Shadow*
Shadow: Not you!
Sean: Why, anda afraid?
Espio: This just gets wierder sejak the minit
Tails: *attacks Robotnik*
Robotnik: Jeez, you're tougher then anda look
Tails: *breaks Robotnik's arm*

As the fight goes on, the police, and military soon arrive. They assist Sonic's group with attacking Robotnik's army, and Shadow left.

Sean: He always leaves too soon.
Espio: At least he's gone
Robotnik: Keep attacking *blows up tank*
Colonel Rogers: Shoot the guy with the mustache!
Soldiers: *shoot Robotnik*
Sonic: Nice work guys
Rouge: How the hell does he do that?
Sean: anda guys won't have to worry about Robotnik anymore
Police captain: Thank anda for saving our city. How can we repay you?
Sean: *spots a corvette* I think I already know how.
Robotnik: Well Shadow, we failed
Shadow: We put up a good fight though.
Snively: But it wasn't good enough
Shadow: Fuck you! You're too much of a pussy to fight
Robotnik: We will go back to Earth, but this time, we're taking a place called Germany.
Shadow: Why?
Robotnik: I overheard someone saying that Germany makes really great machines, so they must have good mechanics
Shadow: Don't mechanics fix stuff?
Robotnik: Yes, yes they do! *laughs like a villain*


Announcer: We hope anda enjoyed the following presentation. Before anda leave, we'd like to take a moment to share three previews to other peminat fictions from SeanTheHedgehog.

magnum Force - 2014

Harry, and his new partner, Early Joe arrived at the scene of the crime.

Police kuda, kuda kecil 6: *Sees Harry* Hi Harry, what are anda doing here?
Harry: My job.
Police kuda, kuda kecil 6: anda better get out of here before Lieutenant Briggs sees you.
Harry: Let him see me. It would be an interesting experience.
Lieutenant Briggs: And so it is. What are anda doing here Harry?
Harry: Observing the crime scene.
Lieutenant Briggs: You, and your partner are on stakeout.
Harry: Yeah, well we had nothing interesting to watch, and we were close by. *Looks in car* Whoever did this must be a professional.
Lieutenant Briggs: Harry, I'll deal with this.
Harry: Why you? Can't anda trust me?
Lieutenant Briggs: No. All anda do is wave your gun around, and kill everypony.
Harry: What makes anda think you're better?
Lieutenant Briggs: Because I've been working for the police here for eleven years, and I never had to take my gun out of it's holster. I'm proud of that.
Harry: *Smiles* You're a good stallion Briggs, and a good stallion always knows his limitations.

Where Eagles Dare - 2016


SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A bintang Wars peminat Fiction

Starring Louis Bodine as John Smith

Sean Bodine as Morris Schaffer

Emma Watson as Mary in

Where Eagles Dare

An Imperial Landing Craft was flying through a planet covered in snow, 18 inches thick.

Also starring Keith Wickham as Colonel Turner and Simon Greenall as Admiral Roland

And Rob Rackstraw as Colonel Kramer

The Landing Craft continued to fly as it was getting towards some mountains.

Tom Kane as General Rosemeyer
Jesse Neighbour as Major Von Hapen
Scarlett Johansson as Lieutenant Schwartz
Jordan Carver as Heidi

Also featuring

Brian Connery as Jott McPherson
Kevin Shoemaker as Barkley
Kevin Meizanis as Thomas
RJ Shoemaker as Christianson
Matthew Broderick as Harrod

The Landing Craft was going lower to the ground as it flew to the left of another mountain

And Hugh Laurie as Cartwright Jones

Based off the 1968 film of the same name

The Landing Craft was approaching another mountain. As it got closer, it took a sharp turn to the right, and starting gaining altitude to pass over another section of the mountain.

This takes place just minit after the events of The Empire Strikes Back. Research for this peminat fiction has been done on Wookieepedia, though the planet Chevrelium, and a few vehicles have been created specifically for this peminat fiction.

We now go inside the landing craft, to take a look at the men inside. We got the pilot, but he's not important. Not compared to the seven men sitting behind him. The seven men chosen for a daring mission against the Empire, each wearing white snow suits, armed with E-11 blasters, and silenced pistols.

Stop the song

The seven men are John Smith, Morris Schaffer, and their teammates, Barkley, Thomas, Christianson, Jott, and Harrod.

Morris: *Looks to his right, and sees John*
John: *Looks to his left, also looking at Morris*
Pilot: *Flying over another mountain*
Republic Soldier: *Talking on a radio* Affirmative Colonel, we are three minit away from the drop zone. *Turns on a red light*


John, Morris, and the others in their group stood up, preparing to jump off the landing craft.

Republic Soldier: *Opens the back door*
Morris: *In front of everyone else*
Harrod: *In the middle, behind John, Morris, and Jott, but in front of Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson*
Republic Pilot: Get ready, we're approaching the drop area.
Republic Soldier: Stand by!
Harrod: *Looking back at Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson*
Barkley: *Looking at Harrod's radio*
Republic Pilot: *Heading towards a mountain. He gains altitude to fly over it*

Within a few seconds, the red light turned green, signalling the time to jump. Stop the song.

Republic Soldier: Green light, go! *Deploys a drop pod*
Morris: *Jumps off first*
John: *Jumps*
Jott: *Jumps*
Harrod: *Jumps*
Barkley: *Jumps*
Thomas: *Jumps*
Christianson: *Jumps*

After jumping, they deployed their parachutes, and decreased speed as they fell toward the snowy surface. Their snow suits, being white, blending in with the snow.

The Challenger - 2016


Salt Lake City, 1966

Mustache Man: *Walks into a room with a woman*
Woman: *Taking off her blue dress, and goes into katil with the man*
Bill: *Watching in disgust from inside his brand new Pontiac GTO with a pair of binoculars. He puts them away, and opens a can of Budweiser. He drinks the Budweiser, then throws the empty can to the right of his car, landing on the floor seterusnya to eighteen other cans. He starts his car, and drives away*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

The Challenger

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Bill Hudson
Hannah Belle as May Thomas
Jeff Bodine as Gordon Huff
Nate Ebner as Mayor Danforth
Bobby Cannavale as Chief Warren

The sun was rising over Salt Late City, and Bill, despite being drunk, was doing an impressive job of driving the 35 mile an jam speed limit, while staying on his side of the road.

Bill: *Turns right, going onto Interstate 89*

Skip the song to 2:18

Bill: *Passes an intersection as the light turns yellow*
People: *Driving their cars as their light turns green*
Bill: *Takes a right, into the parking lot of a police station. He slowly moves the car towards a parking angkasa marked Captain Bill Hudson. He parks the car in his space, and gets out. He slowly walks to the police station*

Once he got in, he was greeted sejak Gordon.

Gordon: You're late Hudson.
Bill: Who's complaining?
Gordon: Well-
Bill: Besides anda Lieutenant.
Gordon: The chief has been asking me about anda since 7. You're 30 minit late.
Bill: So what? *Walks to the chief's office*
Gordon: He's got an important assignment for you. Try to at least make yourself look decent! And get rid of that stench of booze!

All this and lebih from SeanTheHedgehog. Making good peminat fictions since 2012.