Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

It seems like a regular day, but then someone runs sejak at 500 miles an hour.

Sonic: Tails, anda read me?
Tails: Loud and clear, whats up?
Sonic: We should be getting towards Robotnik's army base.
Sean The Hedgehog.

Sean: I'm already there.
Tails: I see you.
Sean: Any word on Knuckles?
Sonic: No.
Sean: What about the others?

Inside the base

Knuckles: I can't believe they destroyed our intercom
Espio: Are there any other ways we can talk to them?
Rouge: No
badnik: I've spotted them
Espio: *jumps on badnik*
Knuckles: Nice work *runs into room*
Sean: Nice to see anda guys
Espio: Great to see anda to
Knuckles: Lets go find Robotnik
Sean: I found the others and we're searching for Robotnik
Sonic: Any injuries?
Sean: None of them are injured
Tails: I'll give anda air support
Sonic: I'll wait sejak your car
Sean: Sounds good.

A few minit later Robotnik is found, but he uses Chaos Control to escape. Only, he brought Sonic and his Friends with him.

Rouge: Where the hell are we?
Sean: I know this place. Were in St. Louis
Sonic: You've been here before?
Sean: Yeah, a lot of times.
Espio: tunjuk us something
Sean: See that over there? *points at gateway arch*
Tails: What is that?
Knuckles: It's an arch
Sean: Not just any arch, the gateway arch.
Rouge: Thats a wierd name.
Rawak human: What are anda supposed to be?
Sean: None of your business, go away
Rawak human: ok *walks away*
Robotnik: *shoots at Sonic, but misses*
Sonic: anda trying to kill me?
Robotnik: Whaat? No *Throws gun away*
Sean: Do anda even know where anda sent us?
Robotnik: It says we are in the planet earth
Sean: Be lebih specific dumbass
Robotnik: St. Louis, Missouri
Knuckles: If anda didn't have the thing you're in, anda wouldn't know
Sean: He would probably find out anyway

Then Sean starts having a thought about what would happen if Robotnik found out sejak asking someone

Robotnik: Where am I?
Hat guy: First of all anda should know where anda are, and second, anda have a huge mustache!
Robotnik: The bigger the better :D
Hat guy: I'm gonna go now
Robotnik: *leaves St. Louis then goes back in* It says I'm in Missouri! YES! I KNOW WHERE I AM NOW!!
tall guy: It just says welcome to Missouri, calm down

Back at Reality

Robotnik: I'm going now *leaves*
Tails: I think we all know whats going to happen next.

An explosion is heard

Robotnik: Hello everyone of uuh, *reads screen* St. Louis, Missouri! I am really interested in your city, and that is why I want to take it over!
Sean: There is no way he's taking this city!
Espio: Lets go and stop him

sejak the time Sonic and his Friends arrive at Robotnik's location, he killed seven people, and destroyed two cars.

Robotnik: Give me this city now!
Police captain: Shoot him
Police officers: *shoot Robotnik, one bullet hits him.*
Robotnik: Ach! Watch what anda do with those things! *fires back*

After Robotnik kills the police officer, Sonics team arrives.

Sonic: anda can't take this place without attacking us!
Robotnik: Sure I can, so I will *shoots at Sonic*
Sonic: You'll have to shoot faster then that to kill me
Robotnik: Then I'll kill your cousin!
Sean: Oh no anda don't *jumps towards Robotnik, and knocks him down.
Robotnik: *Falls into the middle of the street* I still have this! *pulls out shotgun*
Sean: *grabs .44 and shoots Robotnik in the foot.*
Robotnik: *drops gun, and lays down.* Jesus christ that hurts!
Tails: *cough* Pussy!
Knuckles: Just be thankful I didn't shoot you! I would've shot anda in the head
Robotnik: *climbs into flying machine and flies away*
Sonic: He won't go far. Tails, Rouge anda fly after him, the rest of anda follow me!
Sean: Too bad I don't have my car
Espio: anda use it too much anyway
Rouge: You've got a gun don't you?
Tails: No, do you?
Knuckles: *flies toward Robotnik*
Espio: I forgot he could do that
Sean: I think Knux forgot that to
Robotnik: Shit they're catching up!

As Tails gets into Robotnik's machine he grabs his enemy's head, and slams it on the door

Sean: I don't know why he is doing that
Espio: He's hurting him right?
Robotnik: Stop that!
Tails: Send us back!
Robotnik: NEVER!
Sonic: *jumps into machine* Nice work Tails
Espio: This can't go well for Robotnik
Sean: How can it? He had his head hit a door numerous times.
Robotnik: *shoots Tails and jumps*
Sonic: *jumps after him*
Robotnik: ooh *lands in water*
Sonic: OH SHIT!!
Rouge: I got anda *grabs Sonic*
Sean: Saved sejak my girlfriend
Robotnik: Where did Sonic go?
Espio: I think he Lost track of Sonic.
Tails: I'll go get him.
Sean: Don't get shot again!
Tails: *gives Sean the finger*
Knuckles: Never saw him do that.
Sonic: Right.
Robotnik: *Swimming to Illinois side of river*
Tails: *grabs Robotnik* Where do anda think you're going?
Sean: I think I'll use my senapang *grabs sniper rifle*
Rouge: Why do anda need that?
Sean: Just in case
Robotnik: *squirms in Tail's grip*
Tails: Stop that! *Drops Robotnik*
Sean: *Shoots at Robotnik, but misses*
Robotnik: *lands on big rig*
Sean: After him *Runs after Robotnik*
Robotnik: If only I could stop him.
Tails: But anda can't *pushes Robotnik*
Robotnik: Damn, Chaos Control!
Sonic: Since when could he do that?
Sean: Who cares? Lets try and and find him!

Sonic and his Friends didn't know that Robotnik went back to Mobius to get some badniks, weapons, machines, ammo, and Shadow.

Robotnik: Shadow, where are you?
Shadow: I'm here
Robotnik: Get all the badniks. We are invading St. Louis
Shadow: I'm on it
Snively: Where is this city?
Robotnik: You'll see.

Half an jam passes, and Sonic is relaxing with his cousin. The rest of their group is also with them

Rouge: Why would Robotnik want this shitty city?
Sean: What's so shitty about St. Louis?!
Sonic: Will anda two stop? St. Louis doesn't look appealing.
Sean: Why are we here then? anda can just use fucking chaos control, and end up back at Mobius.
Rouge: None of us have a chaos emerald.
Knuckles: What? I have one

As a train passes sejak Robotnik soon returns with his army.

Robotnik: Give us St. Louis atau die!
Citizens: Run!!
Shadow: *kills people* Attack!
Badniks: *attacking everything*
Robotnik: These people are wimps
Shadow: Hold your fire! I want that car. *Points at a yellow '69 Dodge Charger.*
Robotnik: Then get it. Run people over with it.
Shadow: I'm not wrecking the car anda imbecule.
Robotnik: You'll just get bloodstains on it, so what?
Knuckles: *jumps on some badniks and hits Shadow*
Shadow: STALL THEM!! I'm getting that car
Sean: What is that car?
Shadow: *brings car to Mobius, and soon returns*
Robotnik: Where was we?
Tails: What?
Badniks: *shoot at sonic, but miss*
Sonic: *jumps on several badniks and Robotnik*
Shadow: FIGHT ME
Sean: Ok *attacks Shadow*
Shadow: Not you!
Sean: Why, anda afraid?
Espio: This just gets wierder sejak the minit
Tails: *attacks Robotnik*
Robotnik: Jeez, you're tougher then anda look
Tails: *breaks Robotnik's arm*

As the fight goes on, the police, and military soon arrive. They assist Sonic's group with attacking Robotnik's army, and Shadow left.

Sean: He always leaves too soon.
Espio: At least he's gone
Robotnik: Keep attacking *blows up tank*
Colonel Rogers: Shoot the guy with the mustache!
Soldiers: *shoot Robotnik*
Sonic: Nice work guys
Rouge: How the hell does he do that?
Sean: anda guys won't have to worry about Robotnik anymore
Police captain: Thank anda for saving our city. How can we repay you?
Sean: *spots a corvette* I think I already know how.
Robotnik: Well Shadow, we failed
Shadow: We put up a good fight though.
Snively: But it wasn't good enough
Shadow: Fuck you! You're too much of a pussy to fight
Robotnik: We will go back to Earth, but this time, we're taking a place called Germany.
Shadow: Why?
Robotnik: I overheard someone saying that Germany makes really great machines, so they must have good mechanics
Shadow: Don't mechanics fix stuff?
Robotnik: Yes, yes they do! *laughs like a villain*


Announcer: Here are three previews to other peminat fictions from SeanTheHedgehog.

Six Shooters 4 - 2017



Harry: *Looking at a sign in front of his house. It says...* Sold.
Amy: I told anda we'd do it. anda didn't believe me.
Harry: Yeah, until two days lalu when I heard that we'd have some buyers. Any plan on where anda want to go for our seterusnya home?
Amy: Hmm..

Cape May, 1959.

Harry: *Looks at his new house as he drives away in his red Cadillac* Still can't believe we made it here.

SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Harry: *Marks a hari on his calender. It says April 14, 1962* Only four days until my birthday.
Captain Ford: Harry, I need to see you.
Harry: Oh no. *Worried as he walks with Captain Ford into the office*
Captain Ford: anda set a fine example for our officers in this department. How would anda like a promotion? There's no Corporal spots available, so we're going to make anda a Sargent.
Harry: *His eyes light up* Thank anda sir.


Alan: anda better not be a gangster.
Harry: I'm Harry Penn of the New Jersey State Police. Are anda Alan Martinez, atau not?
Alan: I am.
Harry: *Gets out of the car, and sticks his hand out for a handshake*
Alan: *Pulls out his .38* Not so fast. If you're really a police officer, you'll tunjuk me your badge.
Harry: Suit yourself. *Takes his badge out of his pocket*
Alan: *Looks at Harry's badge, and gives it back to him* And, some I.D. If your name's not Harry Penn, I'll shoot you.
Harry: *Grabs his driver's license in his car* Whatever anda say Martinez.
Alan: *Looks at his license* Okay Mr. Penn. What's going on?
Harry: I've been assigned to work with you.
Alan: Okay. Now I'll take the handshake. *Shakes Harry's hand* Sorry if I made anda uncomfortable, but I have trouble trusting some people.


Alan: 1965 is a pretty shitty year, huh Harry?
Harry: What makes anda say that?
Alan: Music, and cars are starting to turn into crap, and don't even get me started with Lyndon Johnson. *Turns right*
Harry: What the hell are anda talking about?
Alan: Vietnam. What the hell are we sending our soldiers over there for? What did they ever do to us?

Six Shooters 4

News Reporter: The war still rages on in Vietnam, but it seems that some people want our soldiers not to take part.

Cape May, 1968

Harry: *Wearing a military uniform*
Alan: *With Camryn* This is it I guess.
Harry: Don't worry Alan. I'll be back.
Alan: I know. anda shouldn't even be going there, of all places. *Shakes Harry's hand*

Stop the song

Camryn: We will miss you.
Harry: Thanks Camryn. I better go now. *Walks to the station*

On Celestia's Secret Service - 2013

It was a wonderful hari in Canterlot, until some ponies started panicking.

Con: What's going on?
P: Discord is back, and he's murdering lebih ponies!
Con: I'll stop him!
Discord: Keep it up! Everypony in this town must die!
Korean ponies: Affirmative! *kill each other*
Discord: Don't kill each other! Only kill the ones that live here.
Con: *shoots Discord*
Discord: anda really think that pistol of yours will work?
Con: I shot anda in the arm! Why aren't anda bleeding?
Discord: Because, I'm invincible!
Con: *takes away invincibility* Not anymore.
Discord: That's it, you're screwed! Everypony, drop the nuke!
koreans: *drop nuke*
Con: Oh, fu- *wakes up* Oh thank goodness. It was only a dream.

Con's cell phone then started to ring

Con: Mane here
P: Con? Discord is back.
Con: And too bad I just woke up. *hangs up*

Life In The Fast Lane - 2014

It was a nice evening in Mobius with a beautiful sunset. Sonic was at the pantai with Amy, even though he hated water.

Amy: We found a lot of sand dollars.
Sonic: And shells. This collection we'll start will be way past cool.
Amy: anda haven't berkata that in a long time.
Sonic: You're right, I haven't. Now let's act like we're in a romantic movie from the 70's, and run sejak the water.
Amy: But I can't run as fast as you.
Sonic: We'll only run ten miles an hour.

And so they did. As they were running, Amy decided to ask Sonic something.

Amy: It's been a while since Eggman attacked us.
Sonic: I know.
Amy: Do anda think he's waiting this long on purpose?
Sonic: Possibly, and if he is, I'm ready to defeat him. For now, let's continue running.

But all of a sudden they stopped as if they were in a movie being paused. Sonic, Amy, and their surroundings turned black & white. Then, a grey hedgehog with black spikes, and a red, white, and blue stripe on his chest walks infront of them.

Sean: Okay, I was playing a video that had my cousin spending time in the beach. That's not what this fanfiction is about. This is what it's about. Cars. And now, cue the opening credits.

Theme song:

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgheog fanfiction

Life In The Fast Lane

Featuring the following characters, and their cars.

Sean the hedgehog

Car: Chevrolet Corvette
Year: 1968
Color: Blue
bahagian, atas Speed: 185 Miles an jam
Handling: Average
Reliability: Very good

Sonic The Hedgehog

Car: Austin Healey 3000
Year: 1963
Color: Red, and white
bahagian, atas Speed: 179 Miles an jam
Handling: Good
Reliability: Good

Miles "Tails" Prower

Car: BMW 507
Year: 1958
Color: Silver
bahagian, atas Speed: 181 Miles an jam
Handling: Good
Reliability: Very good

Knuckles The Echidna

Car: Dodge viper
Year: 2010
Color: Red and black
bahagian, atas Speed: 220 Miles an jam
Handling: Poor
Reliability: Very good

Sexy the hedgehog (My girlfriend's peminat character)

Car: Ford mustang
Year: 1969
Color: Red and black
bahagian, atas Speed: 190 Miles an jam
Handling: Very poor
Reliability: Very good

Amy Rose

Car: Ferrari 599
Year: 2011
Color: merah jambu
bahagian, atas Speed: 210 Miles an jam
Handling: Poor
Reliability: Average

Cream The Rabbit

Car: Chevrolet Bel air
Year: 1956
Color: Orange, and black
bahagian, atas Speed: 161 Miles an jam
Handling: Average
Reliability: Very good

Vector The buaya

Car: Ford mustang Bullitt
Year: 2001
Color: Dark green
bahagian, atas Speed: 191 Miles an jam
Handling: Average
Reliability: Very good

Espio The Chameleon

Car: Chevrolet Bel air
Year: 1955
Color: Red, and white
bahagian, atas Speed: 166 Miles an jam
Handling: Poor
Reliability: Good

Charmy the bee

Car: Jeep Wrangler
Year: 2002
Color: orange
bahagian, atas Speed: 156 Miles an jam
Handling: Good
Reliability: Poor

Shadow the hedgehog

Car: Dodge Charger
Year: 1969
Color: Yellow
bahagian, atas Speed: 185 Miles an jam
Handling: Average
Reliability: Very good

Silver The Hedgehog

Car: Lamborghini Huracan
Year: 2014
Color: Yellow
bahagian, atas Speed: 222 Miles an jam
Handling: Poor
Reliability: Average

Blaze The Cat

Car: Hyundai Sonata
Year: 2003
Color: Silver
bahagian, atas Speed: 129 Miles an jam
Handling: Good
Reliability: Poor

Mighty The tenggiling, armadillo

Car: Pontiac Firebird
Year: 1986
Color: Red, and white
bahagian, atas Speed: 187 Miles an jam
Handling: Very poor
Reliability: Very good

Doctor Eggman

Car: Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG
Year: 2014
Color: White
bahagian, atas Speed: 218 Miles an jam
Handling: Average
Reliability: Good

And finally, Rouge the bat

Car: Willys Americar
Year: 1941
Color: merah jambu
bahagian, atas speed: 60 Miles an jam
Handling: Good
Reliability: Very poor

Sean: *Standing in front of a blue 1968 Corvette* This is my car. I think anda already saw this, but for those of anda just tuning in, I just want anda to know.