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posted by 2cool4you
Does anyone still go to this club? It's an awsome tunjuk but off air. no one realy remembers it! Any of anda who agree with me, help me get this popular again! I KNOW there are still peminat-peminat out there. Come up! Cme out, and help this good but quickley fleeting tunjuk back on the charts! I still see peminat fictions for this tunjuk on other sights, but is that all we're gunna do about it? Make fictions? All the people can do is watch the new sierise. why not have Yu-Gi-Oh rerun, for thoughs who haven't seen it! Ya know, why not?
posted by ryofangirl

“Oh jeeze Bakura, just wake the hell up already!”
My eyelids twitched and opened. I figured there was something important going on, so I sat up with a groan. I yawned and supported myself with my arms. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand and blinked, trying to see. I looked to the left and saw him leaning against the back wall, seterusnya to my dresser.
“Finally. I wanna go out today.”
“Huh?” I berkata with a tired sigh. My mind was too foggy with exhaustion to comprehend anything.
“I . . . want to go . . . out . . . today,” the Spirit berkata slowly with a glare. He jerked...
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