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seohyun_4ever posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 02:09PM
In this forum, post anything you like. What do you want to share with other Sone and what do you want to tell or anything, anything. And for others if you would like to comment just comment it.

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hampir setahun yang lalu seohyun_4ever said…
I want to share with all Sone, I really love TaeTiSeo teasers. Seriously! All three of them are just pretty, gorgeous, stunning and cute. Can't wait for the official release! And TTS would go live next week, ahhh....I REALLY CANT WAIT!! What do you feel or think? I feel so excited!!
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hampir setahun yang lalu ary_aunova said…
I'm so excited toooooooo!!!!

I really cant wait for the official release!! After the first teaser, I always wait for the 2 next teasers and I seriously love it!!!

Tiffany and Seohyun winking a lot!! And Seohyun's wink is the most pretty for me, since I rarely saw her wink. So, its so precious!!!
 I'm so excited toooooooo!!!! I really cant wait for the official release!! After the first teaser,
hampir setahun yang lalu seohyun_4ever said…
You're right. Seo's wink is the most talk in Facebook. I watch all the teasers too.. and my fave is Seohyun's teaser coz I can see a new side of her such as rocker Seo, winker Seo and sexy Seo. Which one is your fave? And one more thing, I love all outfits Seohyun wore in all the teasers and I think she got the best outfit among all.
hampir setahun yang lalu ary_aunova said…
Ahh really? the most talk by sone you mean? For me, I love all the teasers, no bias.

I really love all the teaser, each teaser have a different concept. And about the outfit, I love the blue outfit in Fany's teaser.

And for the bling-bling outfit, I dont like Seo hairstyle.

 Ahh really? the most talk sejak sone anda mean? For me, I Cinta all the teasers, no bias. I really Cinta
hampir setahun yang lalu ary_aunova said…
SNSD must be really famous isn't it? Even SNSD-TTS release their Twinkle album at 00:00 KST, they still topping the charts and topping the news. I'm so proud of them, the deserves it!! SNSD and SNSD-TTS fighting!!!
 SNSD must be really famous isn't it? Even SNSD-TTS release their Twinkle album at 00:00 KST, they sti
hampir setahun yang lalu Moosick said…
Right now I feel really disappointed in some so called SNSD fans. Lately alot of people have been complaining in the 'Twinkle' Official MV comments on youtube. People are upset about their bias not being in this sub-unit group. Some have even stated that they want TaeTiSeo to fail or it should be 'TaeTiSica' and so on. To me you are NOT a true SONE if you only like one member and want them to succeed only. To be a real SONE you must want all members to succeed and not just your bias. You must want the best for each member, it really upsets me when people complain about not liking a certain member. Each member in SNSD works extremely hard for their fans and for themselves. Too me it's down-right disrespectful when people complain about certain members!

For example SNSD is a team!!! Now i'm in a team too with my fellow youth group members at school. Let's pretend I'm this rude person who claims 'I'm the best in the team and that I do the most work'. There is no 'I' in team. Some people act like their bias is the only one doing work. Do you guys get what I'm saying? I know I fail at explaining things sometimes lol. Sorry guys! ^-^
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hampir setahun yang lalu MoOoOoN said…
dont worry Moosick ,by the time when sones see their bias in sub-unit group,they`ll be happy&forget a bout this words&they`ll stop fight..they just wanna see their bias succeed like TaeTiSeo..which we all hope the same
idk why ppl cant just enjoy the music Instead of fighting 2gther ...
anyway since we r talking a bout TaeTiSeo..i just noticed that their live performance is getting much better now... i mean when i listen 2 their performance its just like the original song,there is no difference at all
am i right or it is just feeling?!!