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fanylove09 posted on May 23, 2012 at 04:06PM
I had wanted to carry out this game long ago but in this game, i have to be very active to guide you all how to play as this is a quite complicating game.So I delayed this game until today which is the day I finally finished my exams!! :D

1. You can participate this game whenever you want at the starting of the first round of the game.
2. If you want to enter Round 1, you must first compete with other sones which I call it 'Audition'.
3. How does the audition works? Ok, pls read carefully coz this game is quite difficult to explain.

.. Audition ..
• There will be competing between TWO sones ONLY. Each sone post only ONE picture, and another sone judge the picture and pick the BEST picture among the 2 pictures. 
• The judge can be anybody including me but exclude the 2 sones who competes(I include you all to vote becoz when i'm not online you all can vote hence the game can continue).There will be only one judge/vote which means only one sone is needed to vote the pictures.
• The judge will announce the winner and the winner sone MUST continue to post a picture and continue to compete with another sone.
• This is because the sone who want to enter round 1 must win continuously 3 times in the audition.

User A: (posted a pic)
User B : (posted a pic)
User C: (User C like User B's pic more, so he/she must say..) 
User B IN!
User A OUT!

So, user B win a time and continue to participate. If User C want to participate, he/she CAN participate. So...

User C: (post a pic)
User B: (post a pic)
User A/D/... : (vote)
  User B IN!
  User C OUT!

In this situation, only User B and one more user can post the picture. If even you saw user C post a pic and user B haven't post for his/her pic, you CANNOT post it. But, if after one day, user B did not post his/her picture, you can post it, hence User B is OUT, Eventhough he/she already win one time, it does not count.
If you are OUT, the times you win  before that does not count. But you can participate again if you like.

... Continue with my rules ...

• The circle of the game will keep going until 5 sones successfully win continuously 3 times in the audition.
• Then, round 1 will only officially starts.
• Round 1's rule will be disclose when 5 sones pass in audition XD

So, repeating my classic quote:
Are you IN or OUT?
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