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 Serena's wedding hari
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This Sailor Moon foto might contain anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon atau any of the characters


"Kimi wa itsumo kagayiteta,
Egao hitotsu chiisa na hoshi,
Taisetsu ni shiteta yo (eien no Starlight)...

She smiled sadly as the song played from her iPod. She only had the Three Lights' songs on it. Which was... five. Their single songs, and their two group songs.

"Ano hi boku wa mamorenakute,
Kuyashi namida koraeta dake,
Itami ga nokoru yo (wasurenai Sweet heart)...

The Three Lights were still the most popular band in Japan, and their songs were always on the bahagian, atas hits list....
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Do anda Want Sailor Moon Back ?

Well there is a petition for Sailor Moon. anda don't need to worry if anda want to atau not. All they ask anda for your name, your email, and if anda want to anda could post a coment. When anda type your e-mel they ask anda if anda want your e-mel as Private, Available to Petition Author, atau Public. anda don't need to sing up just to sing a petition.

This is the URL.


If Sailor Moon is back they are going to air it in Cartoon Network.
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