Sam Winchester Sam Winchester 20 in 20 ikon Challenge - ROUND 4 OPEN ;-D

saramanusson posted on Oct 15, 2011 at 08:13PM
So i made a pick asking if we should have a 20 in 20 contest. And a lot of people are on board with it, so i though i would give it a go.

I think everyone knows the rules, but just in case here they are:

I post 10 themes and two categories.
You make the icons and post them here.
All icons must be off Sam.
Only one icon per theme.
No using the same icon twice. (includes changing it a little)
After two weeks i´ll make a pick.
NO STEALING of icon. make them yourself.

Winner themes: 1 props.
Winner category: 2 props.
Winner artist´s choice: 3 props.
For participating 1 prop.

VOTE for the BEST icon NOT your favorite user. I´ve seen it on so many other contest that people vote for their favorite user & not the best icon. The best icon should win.

Have tons of fun. ;-D
If you have any questions, message me! :)

ROUND 1: Deadline: October 29 (three days after my birthday, YAY :-D)
1. Sad.
2. Single letter.
3. Hunting.
4. Bodypart.
5. Favorite episode. (Sam in your favorite episode)
6. 1 person. (Sam & someone else)
7. Blue.
8. Hurt.
9. Outfit.
10. Your first letter (Sam & the first letter in your name)

Category: Black & White (5 icons in black in white)
Artist´s Choice. (5 icons of your choice)

Round 2: Deadline: November 11-2011.
1. Holding (Sam holding something).
2. Texture.
3. Four square.
4. Relationship (dosen´t have to be romantic).
5. Yellow.
6. Alone.
7. Happy.
8. Season 4 finale.
9. One Word.
10. Young Sam.

Category: Quotes (5 Sam quote icons).
Artist´s Choice 5 icons of your choice.

ROUND 3: Deadline December 30-2011.
1. Black.
2. Group. (with three or more characters)
3. Action.
4. Suit.
5. Frame.
6. Faceless.
7. Rage.
8 Night.
9. Kiss.
10. Closeup.

Category: Black & White. (5 icons in black and white)
Artist´s Choice: 5 icons of your choice.

ROUND 4: Deadline March 16-2012.
1. Enemy.
2. Hair.
3. Giggly.
4. Sad.
5. Profile.
6. Name.
7. Orange.
8. Lyrics.
9. Left.
10. Split.

Category: Favorite Scenes. (5 icons of your favorite Sam scenes)
Artist´s Choice: 5 icons of your choice.
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