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Opinion by Renegade1765 posted ·12 bulan lalu
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At the end of one of my older articles, I berkata that I'm going to countdown my kegemaran episodes of Samurai Jack's 5th season. As usual, I keep my promises...however, things have changed. I wanted to make a countdown of my kegemaran episodes, but my analysis for each episode were so long that I would've separated this artikel in two, again. So, instead, I'll do review of the season.

I'll explain some of my history first, regarding the 5th season.
It was December 3rd 2015, a Sunday afternoon. I was at my father's house, and after I had lunch, I surfed around the Behind the Voice Actors.com, until I bumped into a news artikel about how Samurai Jack will have a 5th Season. It even had that awesome teaser poster with Aku and a white silhouette of Samurai Jack in his awesome armor.
When I first saw that, I was so excited that I nearly screamed. Samurai Jack is not only one of my kegemaran Kartun ever, but one of my kegemaran shows, period. I rewatched multiple episodes of the first 4 seasons for years, ever since I discovered streaming; patiently waiting for that movie that was going to conclude the series. Little did I know that Samurai Jack will have its...
List by Renegade1765 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
fan of it?
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Three weeks lalu was Samurai Jack's long-awaited finale. The conclusion that many of us wanted to see for years. Like everyone, I was incredibly satisfied with the ending, and it almost brought a tear to my eye that my kegemaran childhood tunjuk finale got it's well-deserved ending.
However, I won't be talking about my kegemaran episodes from Season 5, but instead I'll be talking about my kegemaran episodes from Seasons 1-4, then I'm going to countdown my kegemaran episodes from Season 5.

The reason I'm doing this is because Samurai Jack is my kegemaran childhood show, and because 3 weeks lalu was its finale, I decided to countdown my kegemaran episodes from the first 4 seasons, and after this, I'm going to countdown my kegemaran episodes from Season 5, as a way to honor it.

With that said, let's begin:

15.Jack vs Aku.
With a tajuk like that, you's think this would be the final battle between Jack and Aku, but in reality it's just another episode, but a very good one.