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energizerbunny posted on Dec 10, 2009 at 03:21AM
bring any dead person back who would it be

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hampir setahun yang lalu MasterOfFear said…
Zep, Obi, John, and Amanda. They were all such intersting characters. I wish Obi and Zep couldve stuck around longer, and John and Amanda were so vital to the series.

hampir setahun yang lalu MarMar_XigLux said…
Obi, John, Adam and Amanda.
Obi because I just love the guy, like, this kind of character is so awesome in my opinion.
John because he started to whole thing. I know Hoffman continued it and all, but John was a really smart and calm guy, what we rarely find in movies. I miss him.
Adam...Same as Obi. He didn't deserve to die, he was damn nice and wanted to live >,<
And Amanda just because she's a kickass assistant that without her it's just...Not the same.