Saw Bahagian, Atas Ten Characters Anda Wanted To Die And Why:

MasterOfFear posted on Dec 19, 2010 at 01:39AM
1.Jeff Rienhart
*He killed John and Amanda, and his wife. And he failed to prevent the deaths of those he was supposed to save, so he killed pretty much everyone in the movie!

2.Eric Matthews
*He was so self centered and angry, yet everyone treated him like some badass hero. HE brutalized those he arrests, and plants evidence to acheive convictions. That asshole framed Amanda for possession, causing her to start drugs in jail, and than beats the crap out of her and John (a dying cancer patient)His mother would be so proud.

3.Mark Hoffman
* He's a sociopath with no loyalties. He indirectly caused the deaths of John & Amanda (and others)just so he wouldn't have to worry about anyone revealing his secret. And i hate his "When is this gonna be over" attitude towards John's work.He is unworthy of the mantle that he stole.

4.Xavier Chavez
*HE's selfish. Saw 5 kind of selfish. His solution to his problems was to kill everyone else. If he was really as macho as he acted, he should of gotten the cure himself instead of making everyone else do all the work and take all the risks.

5.Will Easton: He was the epitome example of someone who pitilessly destroyed lives for his own gain. They call John a mass murderer, but look at this guy! John could have been cured had he not denied the poor guys coverage. It's a good thing that his actions brought about his own death.

6.Laura Hunter
*She was the most emotianal and least motivated out of anyone in that trap house. All she did was scream like a banshee, cry over nothing, or fall on the ground.

7.Lynn Denlon
* She was allot like Lawrence Gordon. A doctor disconnected from her patients, who cheated on a spouse and neglected her child. And when Amanda dragged her self-centered ass to John, she only acted all the more selfish. Stay at the side of a dying old man and take care of him or die? She treated the task like it was the most difficult thing in the world.

8.Adam Stranheight
* I don't care how much everyone says he's great, it's far from accurate. Gordon was right, he's just a self-serving bottom-feeder who exploited the privacy of others for a living. And all he did throughout the whole time was bitch and moan about stuff. And his poor choices led to his death. When John told him where the key was, he decides to try and shoot him! He could've just told him about it going down the drain.

9.Mallick Scott
*Like everyone else in the fifth film, he was was very self-involved and annoying. He was the perfect representation of the high-strung junkie archetype. And I know people do stupid things when intoxicated or high, but who the heck agrees to burning down a building for some money(especially a Rich drug abuser)
"Hey, i'll give ya some cash if you burn down that there building over there"

10.Pamela Jenkins
*Not as bad as her brother, but was still quite an awful person. Spreading lies and fabricated truths about John for her own fame explains that distorted perception of him and her irritating prescenc throughout most of the investigation.

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