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posted by Jerry947
Hi peminat-peminat of scooby doo.

I have come to give out some pretty important information about scooby doo. If anda haven't heard, there is a new season of scooby doo mystery incorporated this may. I hope everyone will watch it. Keep in mind that cartoon network has a game on its website that will let anda play through the episodes.

Anyway, this bulan I have telah diposkan many video for anda fans. And do not forget the pictures. Can anda guys please answer the soalan that I have on the utama page? It would make this website a lot lebih fun. I hope anda enjoy this website. If anda have any soalan at all, just leave it in the dinding page.

Now, lets talk about peminat-peminat posting things on this club. I don't want any bad video up loaded atau rude comments. I will have to padam them. But other wise, have a good time.

Last, I will write a artikel like this one every bulan to keep anda peminat-peminat informed about what is happening.

Thany anda very much