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Opinion by Ieva0311 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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[i]Name: Oh Se Hun
peminat Name: Se Hun
Birth: April 12th, 1994
Height: 181 cm
Skills: Dancing, Acting
Blood Type: O
Weight: 63.5 kg

Lead Dancer in EXO-K

-was an ulzzang
-is a Maknae In EXO-K in fact all of EXO
-volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children so he played with them and tidied up the facilities
-is not scheming/manipulative
-there are 3 rooms In the dorm, Se Hun shares the room with Su Ho
-joined SM in 2008 sejak Casting System
-was in the tenth grade when joined SM
-his interests in becoming a singer, later developed into a passion after only the first hari of training
-took part to High Cut Magazine Photoshot
-took part to iSports Korea Photoshot
-has got an older brother
-his personality is shy, but when anda get to know him he’s lebih lively
-his ideal type is a kind woman
-role model: BoA
-favorite type of Muzik Hip-Hop