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Jones hasn't exploited anything on whether atau not a new album will be in the works - however a very interesting teaser now taken down was released a few days ago. This released tunjuk cased a Seattle lit city at night. The teaser was released and most likely taken from Jones as it was uploaded on a Rawak account during a Dailymotion interview. This could be because the teaser was not aloud to be tunjuk cased. From what we gained however - artikel-artikel and users stated that the teaser tunjuk cased a city lit up at night, cop sirens and a mysteriously dark sounding song that ended with the phrase "Something Is Coming"

What do anda think it was - A new album? - Music? - Something new?.. Jones hasn't expressed anything on this uploaded and kept quiet about it now that the Kinlee And Elijah trend died down in 2017. If we hear anything we will let anda know if anything jumps up again.