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toklo is a young grizzly menanggung, bear his brother Tobi dies in a cave then his mother Oka abondons him to srvive on his own.thats when he meets another grizzly cub named Ujurak who can shift shape into any animal!

Kallik her mother Nisa and brother Taqqiq are trying to get to land before all the ice melts away. until they'er mother is killed sejak an orca (killer whale) then Kallik loses her brother on another peice of ice.

Lusa was born in the menanggung, bear bowl but soon she acts sick so the flat faces take her in this building where she escapes to the wild to look for toklo. but she will miss her mother ashia and father king who was born in the wild!
posted by SeekersBearsFan
Seekers, a menanggung, bear book series sejak Erin Hunter:
In Seekers, 3 menanggung, bear cubs unite in a journey. Toklo, a young brown menanggung, bear didn't awake his mother when his brother Tobi had died in the den. His mother abandons hi and he has to survive on his own.

Kallik, a oyung female polar menanggung, bear cub finds her mom dead, after many vicious orcas/killer whales devour her. She cannot find her brother, Taqqiq, anywhere on the iceberg across the water. Can she survive the horrible weather, and other bears?

Lusa, a oyung girl black menanggung, bear finds a new brown menanggung, bear named Oka (Toklo's mother) in a cage close to her. She asks her about the wild, and promises her she will find Toklo and tell him she loves her. Can Lusa find Toklo? Can she get out of her cage, called the "Bear Bowl?"