Heres part two of my peminat fiction! Sorry it took so long!! Enjoy!
(The Boys Room)
“Knock Knock!” A voice bellowed from behind the door and Dr. Wyatt flew through it. “And how are we now, hum?!”
Wyatt was stopped in his tracks as he saw Booth leaning his head on Cam’s shoulders. “Oh opsie daisy!” He said, clearly uncomfortable and he wasn’t sure where to look.
“It’s not what anda think” Cam started. She stood up and gestured at the door. She and Wyatt stepped out and closed the door behind them. Booth, who was Lost in his own thoughts and didn’t even realise that Cam had left, was brought back to earth sejak the door slamming.
He walked over to the door and leaned his ear against it. He was struggling to hear what they were saying. Something about silver… a silver…… He then finally remembered! It was Bones’ silver Dolphin! It was her most prized possession because it belonged to her mother and that was something they shared, a Cinta of dolphins. Booth couldn’t believe he had forgotten it. “I am so stupid!” He thought as he paced back and forth wondering what to do. He thought back to this morning when he was leaving Hodgins’ house. He pictured his room. His vows placed neatly on the table, the small black velvet box that contained the rings and the little silver dolphin. Booth sat down on the edge of the sofa and held his head in his hands. He sighed. What to do, what to do…… He scanned the room. “That window looks easy enough to open” He thought to himself. He raced across the room and opened the window latch. Great, now all I have to do is try and fit through. The window was small but Booth was almost halfway through it when the door opened.
“BOOTH!” Cam yelped. She and Wyatt ran across the room.
“And what exactly do anda think anda are doing Booth?” Wyatt asked. He was very calm compared to Cam who was freaking out.
“I think he is having saat thoughts! He told me so!” Cam said. Wyatt tried to calm her down.
“Listen here now, I’m sure that there is a perfectly simple explanation now, isn’t there Booth?” Wyatt looked at Booth, who looked to Cam and back again.
“Oh, I can’t wait to hear this one (!)” Cam berkata as she let go of Booth’s left leg that she had been trying to force him back into the church with.
Booth still stuck halfway through the window, began to tell them the whole story…

The Girls Room:
“Where the heck is she??!!!” Angela asked Bones for the hundredth time. She was pacing up and down the room.
“I’m sure she’s fine….. Can anda stop pacing you’re making me nervous!!?”
“I’m sorry sweetie but it’s just un-freaking-believable! I can’t believe she would abandon anda in your jam of need!”
Bones rolled her eyes. She loved Angela because she is her best friend but sometimes, she can be so….. Her thoughts were interrupted sejak Angela who started shrieking again.
“And we still need something old!!” Angela looked at Bones. Her face suddenly dropped. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?”
“I.. I’ve forgotten something.. I have to go..” Bones stood up and gathered up her dress in a bundle.
“What?! anda can’t leave now Brennan! anda are about to get married! Do anda hear me?! MARRIED!”
“I know but I’ve forgotten something, I have to go home” She raced out the door and ran down the corridor. Angela started at her in disbelieve. Bones was now an actual run-away bride!

The Boys room:
Booth, still hanging half in and half out of the window, had just explained to Cam and Wyatt all about the silver lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba and how he had to give it to Bones before they got married.
“I knew about the silver dolphin!” Cam explained. “That’s why I came in here, not to hit on anda on your wedding hari Booth!” Wyatt looked confused but also a little amused sejak Cam’s comment. Booth, who looked slightly hurt, was trying to climb out of the window from the other side. He slowly moved through the window, grunting every time he moved. Meanwhile, both Wyatt and Cam who had been deep in conversation had only just noticed that Booth was now outside.
“Booth?! What the ….?” Cam exclaimed. She peered out the window and saw Booth running off to the parking lot.
Angela then came running through the door, out of breath.
“Angela, are anda alright?!” Cam asked. She led Angela over to the couch. Angela was so out of breath, it was at least two minit before she could speak.
“You know….. anda know…….” She started.
“You know what?” Cam urged.
“You know, anda think you’re in shape. anda know……… anda do yogalates and kickboxing and anda really do think anda are in shape. Maybe that’s part of the plan, anda know? These fitness freaks convince anda that the lebih money anda spend on their classes, the fitter anda will be…..”
“Angela stop! anda are starting to sound like Hodgins! Now why are anda in such a panic!”
“ Because…” She gasped for breath. “Bones is gone!”
“Gone?!” Wyatt berkata understandably confused.
“Gone?!” Cam echoed.
“Gone!” Angela confirmed. “I’m hear to tell Booth that she will be back, just to postpone the wedding for about an hour…”
“But Booth is gone” Wyatt said.
Angela started laughing uncontrollably.
“Whats happening?” Wyatt starred at Angela.
“I think she has gone mad from a lack of oxygen!” Cam laughed.
“No, no, I’m not mad! That was a funny one! ‘Booth’s gone’. Ha Ha anda tried to trick me!” Wyatt and Cam were puzzled. Angela looked up at them. She stopped laughing. She looked at Cam, then at Wyatt and back to Cam again.
“You mean…. Oh. My. God. What are we gonna do?”
“Yes that is the soalan isn’t it? What are we going to do now” Wyatt berkata as he sat down beside Cam and Angela on the sofa and starred at the window that Booth had climbed out of moments before. With a runaway bride and now groom, will this wedding ever go ahead?
The End of Part two!
Part three is coming soon!