Seth Rogen Do anda want to make Filem like zack and miri? And maybe win a special prize?

swedednudes posted on Sep 17, 2008 at 08:01AM
Win HUGE cash prizes in the first ever Sweded Nude Video Competition!!!
Reenact your own exciting nude version of your favorite movies, musicals, current event stories, fables, TV shows, biblical stories and much, much more!
The competition will run from September 4th through the end of December 2008.
The winning movie will receive $25,000 cash prize!
The 2nd place video wins $10,000 and the third place video wins $5000.
$1000 will be awarded for each of the following category winners: Movies & Cinema, TV Shows, Biblical, Musicals & Music Clips, Fiction & Fairy Tales, History & Current Events.
Here a sample clip: link
For more information, visit:
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