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Important Information: Sirius did not die, Mr. Wealsey did when he was bitten sejak Nagini. There will be a romance between Sev and an OC and I will, as of right now, change almost all canon pairings. Set in Harry's sixth year.

Chapter One – Prologue
A man sat in a high-backed chair, his still form illuminated eerily sejak the dying firelight. His pale, skull-like face was turned away from the woman across from him (the only other person in the room), as though he found her too disgusting to look at. In reality, it was not her the disgust was aimed at.

“You're sure?” The voice held lebih than a mere hint of warning.

The woman, who's skin had turned a sickly, pale green color, nodded emphatically, causing her silky black hair to bounce around her face. She, in contrast to him, was leaning ke hadapan slightly, as if, despite her fear, her only wish was to be as close to him as possible.“Positive, my Lord. I saw it with my own eyes. He was walking with Dumbledore through Hogsmead.”

“I would have never assumed anything like this from him. He'd always been so loyal.”

“He is a very good actor, my Lord,” the woman berkata breathlessly, still keeping her enraptured gaze on him. “Good enough that anda thought he'd fooled - “

“But it was I who had been fooled.” Voldemort's voice was emotionless. “I had expected treachery from Wormtail. But this . . .” he trailed off.

Finally the pale face turned to her. Her hati, tengah-tengah flipped in her chest and her stomach swooped as scarlet eyes scanned her face intently. It did not ease her comfort; although the man claimed affection for her, he was merciless. If he, for any reason, doubted her information, he would not hesitate to kill her. atau worse.

“You have done well,” he said, his voice low and thoughtful. “I never would have suspected any of my Death Eaters of this kind of betrayal.” Leaning ke hadapan he pressed his cold, thin lips gently against hers. She responded immediately, a whimper escaping her throat. This is what she'd been longing for all day.

“Lord Voldemort rewards his followers for their good work,” Voldemort whispered as he pulled away. The woman sat very still, waiting for his decision. In the past, the Dark Lord had only rewarded her with kisses, but, tonight, telah diberi the gravity of the information, she'd been hoping for more.

She wasn't disappointed.
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