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 Sex Ed at Hogwarts
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Each House has its own point of view about the issue...
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posted by BlackHound
This is not directed at anyone; if anda take it that way, that's your choice. I'm dealing with some heavy shit right now, I Lost a loved one last week, and I just need to vent, and this is as good a place and topic as any.

Again, this isn't aimed at anyone. If you're sensitive, don't read it. If anda do and get bent, well, anda were warned.


I think Severus was smart enough to realize that Lily didn't Cinta him, but they were friends, first and foremost, and he loved her. It's his Cinta for her, regardless of how she felt about him, and his guilt over her death that drove him. How many of us...
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posted by AbbieCoast
Dear Ms. JK Rowling,
1.    How do anda feel about Snape?
2.    How do anda feel about parodies including Snape?
3.    How about when they call him “Snake?”
4.    What does Alan Rickman think of these things?
5.    Did anda choose Alan Rickman because he has the exact same nose as Severus?
6.    Is this letter annoying anda already?
7.    Does Snape’s hair remind anda of a hard core rocker?
8.    Does Bellatrix think his hair is “absolutely...
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posted by fayerox16
OMFG!!! for those of anda who have read the 7th Harry Potter book, how many of anda cried when Voldemort killed Snape? i did.
Snape:A caring young man,and a potions master at Hogwarts, died a horrible death the night Voldemort attcked Hogwarts. We will all remember Snape as brave, sarcastic, and handsome. But the deatheaters will remember him as a traitor. let's go back into the past and visit his younger days.
Snape was a boy fulll of dreams and hopes. unfortunatley, James Potter lived to destroy those hopes and dreams. Snape always loved Lily Potter, and tried to impress her multiple different...
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